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The New Model of GWM POER Debuts at Chengdu Motor Show 2022

The New Model of GWM POER Debuts at Chengdu Motor Show 2022

On August 26, the brand new pickup Shanhai POER (for the Chinese Market), developed by GWM POER, debuted at the Chengdu Motor Show 2022, attracting much attention.

“The model (Shanhai POER) fills the gap of Chinese brands in the market of large-size and high-performance pickups and lets the world know the creativity of Chinese brands in the pickup field,” commented PCAUTO, a leading Chinese automotive media.

The vehicle is designed with numerous rugged details. The front design adopts a wide grille consisting of multiple horizontal chrome trims. The robust front bumper and the potent body line design create a strong impulsive force, which makes the vehicle look very powerful.

The rear box of this new model adopts a three-door space layout, and the partition of the rear box can be adjusted and removed if needed. It also has several anchors reserved, leaving more possibilities for users to modify it depending on different needs. Particularly, the two choices of side-to-side or flat opened tailgate can provide convenience in various circumstances.

In terms of power performance, the model on display is equipped with a high-performance 3.0T V6 engine, matched with the 9AT gearbox. It is fitted with a BorgWarner 4A+LOCK four-wheel-drive system, which can further enhance off-road performance.

“Shanhai POER (for the Chinese Market) has made the product layout of GWM POER more refined, which will cater to more diversified consumer demands,” commented Autohome, a well-known automotive website in China.

At the show, GWM POER also exhibited several special models to the audience, including Jingang POER New Farmer Edition (for the Chinese Market) and Huodan (for the Chinese Market).

GWM POER has been sold in more than 50 countries worldwide and has won well-known awards in many markets. Just one month after its launch in Chile, GWM POER won the “Best Pickup of the Year” awarded by MT Online, a local professional automotive media.

GWM POER attaches importance to users’ demands and integrates the full-scenario lifestyle endorsed by the brand with local culture. This brand has sponsored many famous sporting events across the world, such as IRONMAN in Australia, One-Mile Beach Running in South Africa, and OXFORD Cycling in Chile.
The sales data released by the company in July shows that the cumulative global sales of GWM POER from January to June this year grew by 14% compared with last year.

“GWM POER has ushered in the brand 2.0 era and started an all-round upgrading. Our global product layout will achieve full line-up and full scenarios coverage soon,” said Haobao Zhang, CEO of GWM PICKUP.

The company plans to launch two brand-new models, POER off-road edition and Jingang POER (for the Chinese Market), to the global market by the end of this year. Shanhai POER (for the Chinese Market) will also be promoted in various markets.