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The Official Launch of a Grand Cultural Media Live Broadcast Show Titled “The Amazing Rivers: Heilong River & Ussuri River”

HEIHE, China
Bashili Great Bay, Huma County, Heilongjiang Province

On June 18, “The Amazing Rivers: Heilong River & Ussuri River”, a grand cultural media live broadcast show, was officially launched by Heilongjiang broadcast TV station. This is the first panoramic promotion of the Heilong River and Ussuri River, two boundary rivers between China and Russia, by the media in China.

video –
(caption: The Amazing Rivers Heilong River & Ussuri River.)

In the first phase, the crew will record the Heilong River by starting from Mohe, the northernmost city in China, passing through 11 counties and cities including Tahe County, Huma County and Heihe City, and arriving in Fuyuan, the easternmost city in China. From the source of the Heilong River to the latest boundary marker in China, this journey of more than 2,000 kilometers is designed to explore ancient civilizations and natural wonders along the way. The cultures of China and Russia will be shown through the live broadcast, with the record of the pace of development and opening up of China.

Heilong River is the longest boundary river in the world and the third longest river in China. It has nurtured the civilization in North China and given birth to a splendid national culture. Like the Yangtze River Basin and the Yellow River Basin, the Heilong River Basin is also one of the sources of the Chinese civilization, within the pattern of diversity in unity of the Chinese nation. On the ship traveling along the Heilong River, our cameras will give a full display of local diverse cultures featuring both the integration of frontier and national characteristics and the mixture of Eastern and Western cultures.

“The Amazing Rivers: Heilong River & Ussuri River” is a cultural and tourism project designed to build up our cultural confidence in Heilongjiang Province. In the new historic era of the province’s opening up to the north, the crew will endeavor to introduce and promote historical and cultural resources and eco-tourism resources along this boundary river in detail, build a new communication platform for its culture and tourism brand, and contribute to carrying forward Heilongjiang culture through truthful, multi-perspective, all-round and vivid recording.

SOURCE: Heilongjiang broadcast TV station