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The Platform for Optimal Localization, ‘totus’, Launches Multi-Lingual Services, Expanding Its Presence in Content Localization

SEOUL, South Korea
The Platform for Optimal Localization, ‘totus’, Launches Multi-Lingual Services

'totus,' the revolutionary platform for content localization freelancers run by the tech company Voithru LLC, has just launched an exciting new service that is sure to catch the attention of businesses worldwide. With the global market in mind, 'totus' now offers multi-lingual services that have been available since March 2023.

One of the standout features of 'totus' is its advanced technical support, which allows for more efficient and effective completion of localization projects. Completed localization results are delivered to clients via Panoplay or Jamake, other services offered by Voithru.

'totus' is a platform for localization experts for various content such as videos, webtoons, webnovels, etc. 'totus' has taken the industry by storm with its groundbreaking approach to localization. Unlike traditional methods that rely heavily on human resources, 'totus' offers a self-developed editor that streamlines the localization process and a standard work management system that ensures high-quality results every time.

As of now, 'totus' is strengthening its global presence by partnering with 2,800 freelancers in about 50 different countries and an average of 1,500 new applicants per month. The top 5% of applicants pass the screening tests and are work with 'totus', ensuring the highest level of expertise and quality for clients.

In addition to its Korean services, 'totus' now offers Japanese and English languages, and users can easily switch between languages on the website. Multi-lingual services also apply to the work dashboard, translation editor (video/webtoon), typesetting editor, and more.

Won-joong Lee, 'totus' Product Owner, said, "The launch of the multi-lingual service will make it even more convenient and user-friendly for global localization experts and allow 'totus' to better respond to the growing need for localization from Korean as a source language to other languages as target languages."

Source: Voithru