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The reimagining of Regent Hong Kong as a rare harbourfront haven by visionary designer Chi Wing Lo

Regent Hong Kong - Personal Havens

Regent Hong Kong is proud to announce the unveiling of its stunning transformation by world-renowned architect and design visionary, Chi Wing Lo as the hotel opens its room reservations from March onwards. With over 30 years of experience in architecture and design across the United States, Greece, and Italy, Lo brings his unique blend of artisan craftsmanship and understated elegance to his first hotel project, which represents not only a homecoming for the hotel but also the designer as he returns to his roots.

Lo explains, “My vision for the hotel was to provide a sanctuary rather than simply a place to stay. I wanted my design to embody the spirit of The Regent and provide a sense of peace, serenity, and balance amidst the bustling metropolis.”

The Arrival Experience: Majestic and Intimate
Inspired by the hotel’s prime location on the edge of Victoria Harbour, Lo’s calming and rejuvenating aesthetic takes guests on a sensory escape from the crowded streets of Tsim Sha Tsui. The arrival experience is both majestic and intimate, showcasing Lo’s passion for merging beauty and practicality. As guests approach the hotel, the tranquil sound of a feng shui fountain draws them towards the 18 golden domes illuminating the gleaming port cochère.

The Regent Hong Kong logo sign is backlit against a wall of seamless dark bronze patina with shimmering glass bricks, creating the illusion of green trees on the interior. Regent’s iconic doormen greet guests at the majestic wooden doors, offering a glimpse of the interior through solid glass strips secured by metal bolts, and marking the transition from the fast-paced city life to the peace and tranquility of Regent Hong Kong.

A Symphony of Light, Reflection, and Heritage: The Artistic Design of Regent’s Lobby
Upon entering the lobby, guests are immediately captivated by the “Golden Illusion” passageway. Composed of 16 vertical glass brick screens resembling floor-to-ceiling chandeliers, the screens filter light in motion, creating a mesmerizing display of restrained opulence and implicit crystallinity inspired by Chinese “LiuLi” glass art. Throughout the lobby, guests will discover a variety of surfaces inspired by the traditional Chinese “LiuLi” glaze, originating in the East, representing the fusion of thought, emotion, and art, each color possessing a unique meaning. As guests continue into the lobby, they are enveloped in grandeur and serenity where the “Regent Masters” warmly greet and guide them into a tranquil sanctuary, where the senses are heightened by the grand simplicity and subtle details of the design.

Lo masterfully plays with light and reflection, creating a truly transportive experience. The space decompresses in the reception vestibule, with a low perforated ceiling and 36-meter dark granite floor encased in glass inserts, creating a mesmerizing pattern of reflections that take guests deeper into a world of discovery. At the check-in counter, guests are greeted by the “Regent Experience Agents” at a stunning long counter made of softly lit translucent onyx, set in front of a 15-meter-long digital art LED screen showcasing a film capturing the spirit of “Nourish.” This cinematic artwork by Hong Kong new media artist Hung Keung sets the mood and rhythm, instilling an aura of optimism. Its animated ignitions of charcoals, enchanting sparkles, and dancing clouds of steam celebrate the rebirth of Regent Hong Kong and inspire a new life for the city following its prolonged period of isolation.

The “Spirit of Regent Retrospective” montage, on display in the lobby, pays tribute to the hotel’s rich history and art collection. This custom piece of art, displayed on a long, scroll-inspired screen, blends abstract and elaborate brushwork with spontaneous and deliberate compositions, all crafted from pieces of the original art collection. Guests can admire a rare antique Kano golden screen with cranes, once a part of the Plume restaurant, and a glimpse of David Chan’s colorful Chinese calligraphy, which once lined the guest corridors. Lo explains, “By recalling the past in the context of the present, the history of Regent finds its continuity and the legend lives on.”

As you approach the lift lobby area, the deep tone of the granite in the reception area fades, drawing you in, while the soft glow of a round canvas called “Lyrical Brush Strokes – an Homage” brings back memories of the hotel’s original art collection by David Chan.

The Lobby Lounge – An Oasis with Awe-inspiring Views in the Heart of the City
Revealed beyond a stunning curved glass wall, The Lobby Lounge is a beacon of luxury and refinement, offering awe-inspiring views of Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong Island skyline. A treasured Hong Kong meeting space, this calming oasis continues to provide the perfect backdrop for the city’s discerning guests to see and be seen.

The misty effect on the glass balustrades creates a sense of intimacy, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the breathtaking views that unfold before them. Semi-circular plush sofas and cozy banquettes in a warm palette of beige, taupe, and tan, along with touches of mauve and celery green, change subtly from one seating area to the next, while armchairs boast hidden revolving mechanisms, ensuring that every guest can orient their seat to fully appreciate the magnificent show – Victoria Harbour.

As the day transforms into evening, the space undergoes a mesmerizing Day-to-Evening Ritual, with luminaires flitting across tabletops and waves shimmering across the harbor. The mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors that dances across the skyline is truly a sight to behold, providing guests with an exclusive vantage point to take in the wonders of Hong Kong

A Dialogue of Old and New – a Tale of Two Staircases
An inseparable part of the collective memory of all those who have celebrated weddings, galas and milestone occasions in the Regent Ballroom, the rare Calacatta white marble staircase has been meticulously conserved – forming a focal point in the extended lobby area. Complementing its solidity is a light, perforated metal staircase in the form of a round lantern tower, located close to the harbourfront. Its meshwork reveals an enchanting view of the harbour and Avenue of Stars.

Step into a World of Tranquility: A Personal Haven Awaits in the Guestrooms
When it comes to the guestrooms, Lo’s design philosophy is centered around creating a Personal Haven for each guest, where they can find a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation. With this in mind, the guestrooms focus on the breathtaking “Framed Views” of the harbour. He explains, “A beautiful view without a special vantage is merely a postcard anyone can buy; a view without a frame is simply a view that has not passed through the eyes’ lens.” In the guestrooms, the mesmerizing views of the Victoria Harbour are brought to life through a multitude of unique interpretation, including the mesh-patterned mirrored sliding door reflecting the ocean to create an interesting viewing perspective.

Impeccably designed, every element of the guestrooms has been thoughtfully crafted to evoke contemplation and serenity. The open, spacious layout, combined with soft-tone carpets, harmonious furniture, and the diminished echo from the patterned mirror, rhythmic vaulted ceiling, and fine craftsmanship in wood, leather, fabric, glass, and stone creates a world of peace and quiet. The window front daybed is a place of inspiration, relaxation, and reunion, where time seems to vanish under the comfort of the warmly lit cocooning wavelike canopy that adorns the ceiling.

Lo’s passion for art and design is reflected in his handcrafted furniture, where he draws inspiration from the two fundamentals of geometry – the circle representing the quest for perfection and the square representing the earth and sky in Chinese traditions. With an unwavering belief in the importance of alignment and its relationship with the environment, guests can experience a feeling of grounding and gratitude in every aspect of their stay.

A Soothing Sanctuary – The Oasis Bathroom
The Oasis Bathroom represents a new standard in luxurious and innovative bathroom design. With the bath experience reimagined as an art form, guests are invited to immerse their senses in an environment that blends the perfect balance of calm and rejuvenation. In select harbourview rooms, a sliding door opens to reveal the spectacular view of the harbour from the curved, free-standing soaking tub. In others, a unique moongate design of Nero African granite leads to a one-of-a-kind bath and shower experience. The curtainless shower provides a sense of spaciousness and the AXOR overhead showerhead with rain, rain flow, and mono modes revitalizes and invigorates. The use of flamed and brushed granite, natural oak, split cut “illusive” granite accents, honed Calacatta vanity counters, and furniture-style washbasins all come together to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility to make every bathroom a true oasis and a personal haven within each guestroom.

Room reservations are now available for stays from March onwards via our hotel’s website or via the IHG One Rewards App and WeChat Mini-program.

About Chi Wing Lo
Chi Wing Lo is a renowned architect and interior designer known for his innovative and timeless designs. Born in Hong Kong, Lo has spent the last 30 years living and working in the United States, Greece, and Italy. He spent 20 years as the art director for the luxury Italian brand Giorgetti and has also created his own collection of furniture, the Dimensione Chi Wing Lo® in collaboration with Maroni.

Lo’s designs are characterized by a sense of thoughtfulness, gracefulness, and meticulous attention to detail. He believes in combining unique design, superb craftsmanship, and innovative use of materials in his works. He has designed exclusive private residences around the world and is now taking on his first hotel project, Regent Hong Kong.

His designs are simple, versatile, and have a distinct yet timeless aesthetic. He aims to create objects that embody the past, present, and future, making his works appear to be timeless. As per Lo, “Timelessness in design is elusive, but is best described as objects that appear to embody past, present, and future – the three domains of our existence.”

Chi Wing Lo is considered a master of architecture, sculpture, interior, and furniture design and has a reputation for excellence in the field of contemporary Italian design and globally.

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Regent Hong Kong
Reborn and reimagined

A new chapter unfolds on Victoria Harbour with the return of Regent Hong Kong.
Generations of unforgettable experiences, thoughtfully re-envisioned, along with immersive new delights.

Discover a rare haven for those seeking discreet luxury.
Amidst the unexpected harmony of Chi Wing Lo’s visionary design – majestic yet serene –
find balance and connect over seamlessly curated moments that uplift and inspire.
Here the experience is personal, the grandeur intimate, the dining decadent –
all stunningly staged with the city’s best harbourviews.

Inspiring discoveries await.

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