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The Sino-Vietnam Detian-Ban Gioc Cross-border Tourism Cooperation Zone Starts Trial Operation

DAXIN, China
The Trial Operation Commencement Ceremony of the China-Vietnam Detian-Ban Gioc Waterfall Cross-border Tourism Cooperation Zone

The Trial Operation Commencement Ceremony of the Sino-Vietnam Detian-Ban Gioc Waterfall Cross-border Tourism Cooperation Zone (hereinafter referred to as the "Co-op Zone") was held at the Chinese-Vietnamese border checkpoints on September 15, at 10:00 am.

At the ceremony, performers from both China and Vietnam showcased music and dances representing their respective peoples. For instance, the Vietnamese tianqin (string instrument)/vocal song Ban Gioc Charms is brisk and sweet, the Chinese song Guangxi Nidiya is passionate and energizing, the Vietnamese music/dance Beautiful Cao Bang Mountains and Waters is graceful and beautiful, the Chinese Early Spring of Zhuang Village is soft and profound. The show culminated in Vietnam and China sung by both Chinese and Vietnamese performers, with the lyrics "Vietnam and China, joint by mountains and waters. Like the mountains and seas we share, our friendship shall last as long as the sun shines. We drink water from the same river, we see each other during the day, we safeguard one another at night" signifying the promising future of this cooperation. After the end of the ceremony, members of the first-ever tour groups of the China-Vietnam Co-op Zone respectively passed through checkpoints, crossed national borders and began touring in the other country, according to the Publicity Department of Daxin.

The Co-op Zone, located in Daxin county, has started its trial operation, which is set to last from September 15, 2023 to September 14, 2024. During the span of trial operation, a management model will be implemented that includes group tour reservation, limited group tour availability, limited time for cross-border travel, entry and exit only for tour groups, and designated touring routes. Within the trial operation, the Co-op Zone is only open to tourists holding valid Passport of the People's Republic of China, Entry and Exit Permit of the People's Republic of China, Passport of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Entry and Exit Permit of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. For tourists visiting the Co-op Zone from Vietnam, it is necessary to first register for tour group via the WeChat Mini Program "CTG-QUBIANGUAN", with each group requiring a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 20. During the first three months of the trial operation period, there is a ceiling of ten tour groups per day.

Beginning in the fourth month, daily quota for cross-border visitors will increase to 500 persons. All cross-border visitors will need to enter and exit as a part of a tour group. Border checkpoints are open for entry each day from (all time shown in Beijing time) 10:00 in the morning until 15:00 in the afternoon, and before 17:00 all cross-border tour groups must return across the border back to country of origin. Each group shall not spend more than five hours touring across the border, and unlawfully staying behind in the territory of the other nation is strictly prohibited for any cross-border visitor. During the span of trial operation, the tour route inside the Co-op Zone for Vietnamese visitors will be Co-op Zone entry and exit channel checkpoint – Ban Gioc Waterfall tourism and scenic zone – Ban Gioc hotel and restaurant – Co-op Zone entry and exit channel checkpoint. Ticket price for Vietnamese visitor is VND 70,000/person/visit (around RMB 21 per current exchange rate, including personal accident insurance, excluding other recreation fees), and visitors must wear Vietnamese badge during the tour.

Source: The Publicity Department of Daxin