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The Third World Lemon Industry Development Conference Kicked Off in Anyue, China

ANYUE, China

On November 25, the Third World Lemon Industry Development Conference opened in Anyue County, Sichuan Province. Themed “lemons for the world”, the conference aims to set up a platform for opening up, economic and trade negotiations and regional cooperation to promote international scientific and technological cooperation in the lemon industry, leading the high-quality development of the lemon industry and for a continuous enhancement of the brand influence of “Anyue lemon”.

According to the organizer of the conference, Anyue County People’s Government, 10 activities will be held during the conference, including the lemon industrial innovation and development summit, the roundtable conference on “building the circle and strengthening the chain” for the development of the world lemon industry, the international lemon partners conference and the special presentation for promotion of Anyue lemon industry investment. Experts at home and abroad and heads of leading enterprises in the industry will make exchanges on the scientific and technological empowerment, brand operation, innovative development and achievements transformation for the development of Chinese lemon industry.

Anyue County, located in Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, China, is one of the five major lemon producing areas in the world and the only lemon production base in China. It is honored as the “Hometown of Chinese Lemons”, which is also the reason of holding the conference in Anyue.

Since the introduction of lemon in the 1920s, Anyue has bred a new strain of Youlike lemon with better quality after nearly a hundred years of cultivation. Thanks to the humid and warm ecological climate and high-quality soil conditions, Anyue lemon is rich in citric acid, VC, antioxidants and other nutrients better than other lemons, being regarded as the most ideal variety for either fresh eating or processing. Anyue therefore has gradually become the most suitable planting area for high-quality lemons.

At present, the lemon planting area in Anyue has expanded to 480,000 mu, with an annual output of 600,000 tons, exporting to 38 countries and regions such as Russia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates with volume of exports increasing year after year. In 2021, the export volume of Anyue lemon reached 86,000 tons with trade volume of RMB 774 million, generating output value of the whole industrial chain up to RMB 15.14 billion.

In recent years, the Anyue lemon industry chain has been moving towards maturity and completeness, with a number of extended businesses developed. In addition to more than 200 kinds of lemon products, such as dried lemon slices, lemon essential oil, lemon perfume, lemon facial mask, lemon drinks and lemon detergent, Anyue people also integrate lemon into Sichuan cuisine and have the “lemon feast” with unique flavor introduced, such as Anyue lemon flavored crispy fish, lemon chicken tofu pudding, lemon egg tarts, and lemon shrimp sashimi, bringing the value of Anyue lemon to the extreme.

In the future, Anyue County will digitalize the cultivation of premium lemon varieties and quality improvement to enable high-quality development of Anyue lemon with science and technology, striving for a world-famous brand of Anyue lemon.

Source: Anyue County People’s Government