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The Thousand-year-old City of Fuzhou Glows with New Vitality, New Colors and New Fashions during the Night

The thousand-year-old city of Fuzhou glows with new vitality, new colors and new fashions during the night.

Recently, the promotional video of Fuzhou of Fujian Province, titled “Discover Fuzhou — Nighttime Economy”, was released through overseas social media accounts including “Paris Oriental Center”, “Discover Fujian” and “Discover Fuzhou”. In the dynamic and cheerful melody, the sleepless city of Fuzhou is swathed in brilliant and colorful lights and once again attracts the world’s attention, according to the Publicity Department of the CPC Fuzhou Municipal Committee.

“Fuzhou at night is like the reflection of the Milky Way in the sky”. In the video, the new landmark projects of Fuzhou, the key sections of the “Two Rivers and Four Riverbanks” landscape belt — The Heart of Min River, Three Lanes and Seven Alleys Historical and Cultural District, Shangxiahang Historical and Cultural District, Minyue Water Town and other scenic spots look radiant and gorgeous during the night. Cultural offerings abound in these areas, such as night markets, concerts, theatrical performances, street performances, etc. The thousand-year-old city of Fuzhou is still bustling with huge crowds of people even when dusk falls, glowing with new vitality, new colors and new fashions.

Over the years, Fuzhou City has rolled out a range of supportive policies and measures to encourage innovative growth of its nighttime economy and created post-dusk economic blocks by integrating cultural tourism experience and building commercial facilities to light up the brand of “Sleepless Fuzhou, Happy City”.

Source: The Publicity Department of the CPC Fuzhou Municipal Committee