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Thomas J. Kent Jr. Chairman and CEO of Kent Global LLC moved into the arts and commodities business.


Kent Global LLC, a New York based independent investment banking firm, moved into buying and selling fine antique artwork and trading commodities such as oil, steam coal, rice and sugar.

“We have an extremely vibrant network of people that would like to buy everything from old masters to commodities and contemporary artworks,” says the Chairman Thomas J. Kent Jr. We will work with top clientele and prestigious art galleries to supply our buyers with exclusive works of art and unique collections.

Kent Global LLC has joint ventures with major sugar suppliers out of Brazil and a major steam coal supplier out of Indonesia.

These joint venture partnerships can place Kent Global LLC as a major player in supplying commodities worldwide. Kent Global LLC also has strong relationships both in the oil and gas industry. Chairman and CEO Thomas J. Kent states that it these steps are important to develop Kent Global LLC into a global investment firm.

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Thomas Kent

SOURCE Kent Global LLC

Source: Kent Global LLC