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Tianjin Port, Huawei & China Mobile Awarded Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Economy at MWC 2022

Tianjin Port, Huawei & China Mobile Awarded Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Economy at MWC 2022

Today’s GLOMO Awards Ceremony recognized the Smart Port Solution — implemented by Tianjin Port, Huawei, and China Mobile — as the Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Economy. The award seeks out mobile-based innovation that is creating more digital workplaces. The cutting-edge solution at Tianjin Port delivers — the new intelligent system connects port operations, automating transportation and increasing efficiency, while saving costs and energy.

Tianjin Port is one of the world’s seven largest ports, with an annual container throughput of 20 million TEU and 20,000 employees. The cost of manual operations at this scale is exuberant, both in terms of money and efficiency. The Smart Port Solution uses the latest tech — intelligent twins, autonomous driving, 5G, cloud computing, and IoT — to create a better connected, smarter, and more autonomous system.

The results speak for themselves. The port needs 60% fewer staff than before. Drivers (who are in high demand) now operate trucks remotely and no longer have to face dangerous, unhealthy working conditions. The solution also helps save money, reducing overall costs by about 30%. In addition, the port is becoming greener. It is producing its own renewable energy, supplementing other traditional power sources. At the same time, the port is consuming 17% less energy overall.

Mr. Yang Rong, General Manager of Tianjin Port Second Container Terminal Co., said: “Tianjin Port and Huawei used a wealth of new ICTs for our Intelligent Horizontal Transportation Management System. We created a new-generation “intelligent port brain”. The system collaborates with key resources to automatically generate optimal loading and unloading plans. It also manages each piece of equipment, optimizing the entire dispatch process. Our horizontal shoreline terminal has the largest driverless fleet, comprised of 76 vehicles.”

“Tianjin Port is truly a global one — trading with over 800 ports and 200 countries worldwide. We look forward to supporting the next phase of its digitalization, which will help the port become even greener, smarter, and more secure.” said Bruce Xun, CEO of Huawei Global Customs & Port Business.

Solution highlights

-Integrated: The underlying architecture intelligently connects the various port systems, eliminating data and information silos. All applications work together, powered by the Smart Hub, which centrally manages operations.
-Safe: All data collection and applications comply with Tianjin Port security policies and the GDPR. Smart video scene with 5G assures the safety of services and operations. At the same time, the network uses the latest security technologies to assure user privacy and network reliability. Finally, integrated and smart O&M quickly identifies and addresses risks and faults.
-Efficient: Everything is faster and smoother. From start to finish, operations are made more efficient with smart applications and technologies. Processes take minutes instead of hours, while personnel focus on management rather than manual tasks. In the end, goods clear the port faster, signaling larger economic benefits.
-Green: The first zero-carbon port initiative, Tianjin Port is shifting toward renewable energy consumption. It is substituting fossil fuels and electricity with wind and solar energy. Plus, Huawei’s smart tech is helping optimize and reduce overall energy consumption.

About GLOMO Awards

The Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards are the industry’s most prestigious accolade, judged by the sector’s most prominent subject matter experts. They take place annually at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. For more information, visit:

SOURCE: Huawei