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Tianlong COVID-19 Solution Safeguards Passengers In Jakarta International Airport In Indonesia

XI'AN, China
Tianlong's engineer is giving training in Jakarta International Airport

Tianlong’s integrated PCR lab solution is installed in Jakarta’s international airport in Indonesia to help conduct nucleic acid testing for inbound and outbound passengers. Since its installation in September 2021, Tianlong’s COVID-19 solution has helped diagnose hundreds of positive cases at the Jakarta International Airport. Timely entry testing effectively prevents the import of positive cases from abroad and protects the gateway of Indonesia.

Since the airport is still a focal point in the global spread of COVID-19, fast and accurate detection is crucial to stopping the chain of transmission and evacuate passengers. Tianlong’s COVID-19 solution has enhanced the testing capability of the Jakarta international airport with the report within one and a half hours, which effectively helps fast isolation and ensures the timely departure of flights, reducing inconvenience for passengers during the transition.

Tianlong uses the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method for nucleic acid detection. With the step of PCR amplification, the result is more accurate. Tianlong’s COVID-19 solution realizes fast and accurate detection with the test result reporting within one and a half hours, which fully meets the epidemic prevention and control requirement of airports. Up to 3,000 samples will be tested in the Jakarta international airport by Tianlong COVID-19 solution per day.

Tianlong is a leading molecular diagnosis products manufacturer in China. We are doing R&D on nucleic acid extraction and detection devices and reagents. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tianlong’s products have helped over 60 countries fight against the pandemic, such as Indonesia, Denmark, the UAE. Our products have helped local facilities build up the health care system and fast diagnose COVID-19 patients. Tianlong’s anti-epidemic products have been a star in the war against COVID-19. Apart from the COVID-19 solution, Tianlong has reagents covering 200 kinds of disease detection. We will bring technology to life and provide more solutions to better care for people globally.

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Source: Xi’an TianLong Science and Technology Co., Ltd