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Tiger Brokers Awarded by Mozo after first month in Australia

Tiger Brokers Australia

Tiger Brokers’ Trade platform has made an immediate impact on the Australian trading market, being awarded by Mozo for its share trading platform. Since launching in March 2022 in Australia, Tiger Brokers trade platform, Tiger Trade, offers Australians an online share trading platform with low brokerage costs on all US and ASX trades. The platform is also one of the few online brokers to offer local Australians access to U.S. options.

Respected financial comparison site Mozo recognised Tiger Brokers in their Best Casual ASX Trader Awards. The $0 brokerage on U.S. and ASX trades for 90 days for users who sign up before 30 April and the standard brokerage fee of 0.05% of the trade value ($2.50 minimum) were recognised by Mozo for their great value.

Tiger Brokers has over 9 million registered users worldwide and is listed on the US NASDAQ index. Utilising the superior technology and low fees has seen Tiger Brokers make an immediate impact on the Australian trading scene.

Tiger Brokers Australian Chief Strategy Officer Michael McCarthy said: “The award from Mozo is a great recognition for the whole Tiger Brokers team, who have brought an incredible product to Australia. The technology behind our trading platform sets Tiger Brokers apart and the low trade fees make investing achievable for more Australians. We’ve immediately seen a strong reaction from Australians keen to invest, engaged with our market insights and education tools. Our first month of operations in Australia has been fantastic to see so many investors sign up and become part of the Tiger Brokers community.”

“In the current market environment, with the ongoing pandemic and US interest rate hikes, it’s important to set up an investment plan that matches your risk tolerance and offer diversification of portfolio.” McCarthy said diversity of investments and products may be a method to protect against a sharp move downward of a particular asset.

“Our Tiger Brokers platform is bringing market insights to a tech savvy audience who are keen to invest. Our leading trading data, insights and tools support our users to make informed decisions when investing in the market. Users are able to share insights and knowledge to support other users to complement this and help support informed investors. Young Australians are using the Tiger Trade app to invest in their future.”

Tiger Trade now offers level 2 market data where investors can see multiple bid and ask prices to determine the market interest in a security. With the intuitive interface design, investors can also easily customize their watchlists and notifications to track the performance of their favorite companies. Unlike some other platforms, there is also no fee to fund or withdraw from Tiger Trade.

The Tiger Trade app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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SOURCE Tiger Brokers Australia

Source: Tiger Brokers Australia