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Tiger Trade downloads triple during its Australian debut week


The one-stop online investing platform Tiger Trade has more than tripled its downloads in Australia within its launch week. Tiger Trade has also jumped into the No 9 finance app spot in Google Play Australia this week, showing rapid growth just in few days. The digital platform made its debut last week and has gained traction quickly among Australian investors due to its competitive commissions and comprehensive features.

Owned by the Nasdaq-listed online brokerage Tiger Brokers (TIGR), Tiger Trade has become the go-to investing app for many global investors. Before its entry into Australia, the app has seen blistering growth in Singapore and boasted over 200k funding customers as of Q2 2021. Globally, Tiger Brokers had about 2 million customers accounts by September 2021.

“Tiger Trade’s success can be attributed to how investors nowadays are not only looking for a mobile-first app that can give them access to global trading anywhere anytime, but also a platform with no trade-off between ease of use and abundance of offerings. The ability to have a different variety of stock selection and analytic tools, as well as chartings and free live pricing on your mobile is appealing,” says Michael McCarthy, Chief Strategy Officer at Tiger Brokers Australia.

Despite an increasingly crowded marketplace in Australia, Tiger Trade’s offerings remain unique and niched for investors of all levels of experience. Other than U.S., ASX and Hong Kong shares and ETFs, the platform is also one of the few online brokers to offer local Australians access to U.S. options. Currently, 90 days $0 brokerage fee^ for both U.S. and ASX shares, and free in-depth data are offered as a part of its launch promotions. Qualified users who deposit over $3000 deposit or transfer the same value are also able to claim free Apple shares during the promotional period.

^ Pass through fees still apply.

“We are backed by a team of experienced IT engineers and finance professionals. This is why we have been able to always iterate our technology to ensure we deliver a high-quality user experience. For instance, users may only need down to 5 minutes s to open an account with us. The entire customer onboarding process is smooth and seamless so that investors won’t miss any market opportunities.” says McCarthy.

Notably, Tiger Trade also has an in-app community function that gives investors a visible place to share investing opinions and tips, express themselves, connect with other investors and become inspired to make informed decisions. The feature especially attracts today’s younger generation as it makes news and knowledge in the financial space easily accessible to them.

“Investing sometimes can be seen as lonely. Especially when retail investors often don’t have the same access as institutional investors when it comes to the same level of information and insights. This is what our online community aims to tackle. We believe investors regardless of background should be given the same opportunities to grow and democratise knowledge-sharing around the world, this is the key to reaching the goal.”

The company actively scouts for growing user trusts in the local markets. With its recent partnership with the NRL club the Melbourne Storm, Tiger Brokers is set to reach a broader community and support an inclusive, thriving ecosystem in Australia.

About Tiger Brokers Australia

Tiger Brokers (AU) Pty Limited, is an ASIC regulated financial service provider in Australia. Headquartered in Singapore, its parent company Tiger Brokers is a NASDAQ listed company (TIGR) with 9 million users worldwide, backed by shareholders such as Interactive Brokers and noted investor Jim Rogers.


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SOURCE: Tiger Brokers Australia

Source: Tiger Brokers Australia