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TopOn Moves Into In-App Bidding Open Beta on Meta Audience Network


We are happy to announce that TopOn has moved out of closed beta and is now an official open beta bidding partner with Meta Audience Network! By making bidding with Meta Audience Network more widely available, the integration is now available for all publishers to join Meta Audience Network’s bidding system immediately without manual approval, making it quicker and easier to experience the full benefits of in-app bidding.

TopOn video introduction

“Meta Audience Network supports the move to an open and fair ecosystem, offering a variety of bidding integration options to help publishers adopt bidding in the best way that works for their business. We believe this new partnership will add further value to both TopOn and our publishers as we expand our bidding demand sources with Meta Audience Network, the largest bidding partner in the industry.” said Harry Yang, Chief Marketing Officer of TopOn. “This is a key step forward in making it seamless for publishers to maximize ad revenue and improve operational efficiency.”

Several of the publishers experienced substantial revenue growth following bidding implementation, recording between 13% and 27% uplift in average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU), according to the report The New Era in Ad Monetization: How App Bidding is Transforming Businesses by Meta. Besides, contrary to the aggregated monetization approach of waterfall, the potential impact of the post-IDFA world can be eliminated by helping publishers to increase the value of individual impressions instead.

At TopOn, continuous product development has always been our core focus, with this automatic integration to bidding now, when every demand source bids in an open and fair real-time auction you see more competition for your inventory, which means better prices for every impression. Besides, by removing the burden of maintaining complex waterfalls, bidding helps you focus on driving more impact for your business. Moreover, bidding allows you to easily add more demand sources, helping you increase competition for your inventory with minimal effect on latency and freeing up operational resources.

In addition, TopOn always provides fair and transparent in-app bidding solutions for developers and publishers. Based on different situations on different advertising platforms towards bidding, we have launched Intelligent Hybrid-Sorting solution, which maximizes revenue of each impression through setting strategies flexibility according to characteristics and actual communications from each platform.

The significant Meta ad ecosystem will join our other bidding partners like Mintegral, myTarget, InMobi, Pangle, Tencent ads, Baidu etc, helping drive more competition for publishers’ inventory. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the benefits of Advanced Bidding, please reach out to your account team or to request access.