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Transforming Education for the Real-world: No subjects, no classrooms, no exams


– Education in Motion Makes Strategic Investment in Future-Ready Education

Education in Motion (EiM), the education provider behind some of today’s most forward-thinking schools around the world, announced that it has made a significant minority investment in School of Humanity, which reimagines the high school experience with a focus on future-readiness by offering personalised, interdisciplinary, competency-based, real-world learning paths and industry leader mentorships.

EiM co-Founder and Chief Collaboration Officer, Karen Yung, commented: “Our investment in a strategic partnership with School of Humanity is a critical step in our quest to build a portfolio of innovative education brands empowering the next generation of young people with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to make a difference for society and the planet, given the ever-accelerating rate of change. School of Humanity’s innovative pedagogy and online-first engagement models are completely aligned with that task and our vision for the future of education.”

Founded by education entrepreneur Raya Bidshahri, School of Humanity offers high school learners from around the world the ability to develop the skills, mindsets, and behaviors they need to be ready for the future of work, contribute to collective human progress and flourish in individual life. The online four-year High School, along with its Summer School and After School offerings, center on interdisciplinary learning pathways focused on global learners solving real-world problems in a collaborative, project-based, and personalized way. The model is based on research from World Economic Forum and OECD.

About School of Humanity:

With headquarters in Dubai and the US, School of Humanity designs and delivers innovative learning models that meet the needs of today’s learners and today’s world. It offers three online learning programs: a four-year High School; Ascend, its After School offering; and a six-week Summer School.

About Education in Motion:

Education in Motion (EiM) aspires to be the global leader in pioneering education for a sustainable future, inspiring generations of learners to Live Worldwise. Its 11,000-strong learning community is united by a strong common commitment to innovative education that nurtures students who can make a positive impact for people and the planet. Today, EiM’s portfolio includes Dulwich College International, Dulwich International High School, Dehong (R), Green School International, Hochalpines Institut Ftan AG, Wo Hui Mandarin, and EiM Ventures.

SOURCE: Education in Motion

Source: Education in Motion