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Trina Solar’s Global Module Shipments Top 100GW As Company Celebrates Silver Anniversary


Trina Solar has reached a remarkable milestone, having shipped 100GW of modules in the 25 years since the company was founded in 1997.

100GW, equivalent to planting 7.2 billion trees

Inspired by the signing of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, Trina Solar was founded that year with its headquarters in China’s Changzhou city, making it one of the world’s earliest photovoltaic (PV) companies.

As a leading PV company, Trina Solar has been pioneering solar technology for the past 25 years, while the diameter of silicon wafers has grown from 125mm to 210mm and module power has grown from less than 100W to 690W.

PV power generation is a major source of clean energy deployed in many areas, from utility projects to household rooftops, around the world.

Trina Solar’s 100GW of PV modules have been shipped to more than 100 countries.

Collectively, this 100GW of PV modules can generate about 135 billion kWh of clean-energy power, reducing annual global CO2 emissions by 135 million tons, and standard coal consumption by 54.54 million tons, the equivalent of planting 7.29 billion trees.

25 years, high-level quality for customer value

With the longest duration of product services, Trina Solar also celebrates 25 years of entrepreneurship and 25 years of quality assurance.

In technology and innovation, Trina Solar has set a total of 23 world records for PV cell-conversion efficiency and module output power.

Based on its excellent product performance, Trina Solar is the only PV company to score 100% in the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Bankability Survey for six consecutive years as a top bankable module supplier. The company has also achieved excellent test results in the PVEL Product Qualification Program for seven consecutive years.

Creating a carbon-free new world together

Global clean energy development is now running at full tilt, and the International Renewable Energy Agency forecasts that global PV installations will exceed 14,000GW by 2050 as new energy, including solar energy, becomes a major source of energy and electricity consumption. Trina Solar’s high value 210 technology modules are mature in full cycle, and the ultra-high-power modules have been deployed worldwide.

“The PV industry is an open, innovative and collaborative ecosphere,” said Gao Jifan, Chairman of Trina Solar. “Only open technology innovation will enlarge the scope for growth and achieve sustainable development.”

A new energy era with solar PV as the main driving force is already here, Gao said.

Marking the 100GW of shipments as the beginning of a new journey, Trina Solar will continuously strive to become the “green force” to change the world and contribute to building a carbon-free world as a leading company in the industry.

Source: Trina Solar Co., Ltd