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Two-vision debut for new CIIE friend


With many of the products presented quickly becoming en vogue, the showcase effect of the China International Import Expo is powerfully demonstrated.

While many consumer goods enterprises already consider it mandatory to debut new products and display a range of what they have to offer at the CIIE, for Japanese retailer MUJI attending the sixth CIIE was its premiere.

"MUJI wanted to deliver two visions at the event. First, to promote Chinese design to the world market; second, to demonstrate its determination to take root in China," said Shimizu Satoshi, chairman and managing director of MUJI (Shanghai) Company.

MUJI has been constantly paying attention to the CIIE, and Shimizu views it as a world-leading global stage. One that provides enterprises with the opportunity to communicate with industry peers, get insights into the most cutting-edge technology, discover the latest design trends and learn about the most advanced frontier concepts.

In line with the market expansion of MUJI from China's first-tier, provincial-level cities to municipal-level cities, the company's ever-growing number of store outlets and its emerging business are testament to the exuberance of China's consumer market, Shimizu said.

According to Shimizu, in 2019, MUJI's Chinese design team was given more autonomy, and the "home textile cool sense series" designed by the Chinese team became bestsellers at its store outlets around the world.

The subtle change not only reflects the change in the supply chain division of labor, but also offers a glimpse of the transformation trend in the global market. In Shimizu's eyes, "Chinese design and Chinese manufacturing" are just the initial steps, and "Chinese design sold globally" will soon become a reality, with the CIIE acting as a booster to manifest this.

In addition, MUJI wanted to convey another message at the CIIE: its close bond with the Chinese market. On the conference table at MUJI China's headquarters, two rows of purified water are displayed, seemingly not eye-catching but slightly special. The specialty lies in the fact that they actually come from Shibadong village in Hunan province, where the idea of "targeted poverty alleviation" was initiated.

During a field visit, MUJI learned that the village's water source had a superior quality. Through communication with the local government, MUJI decided to cooperate with the local water plant, donating equipment, providing technical support and selling Shibadong village-originated purified water in its stores.

"We're very willing to participate in the Chinese government's poverty alleviation undertakings, this demonstrates MUJI's social responsibility and its determination to take root in China," Shimizu said. "We won't miss any opportunities to take root in China, and this is also the reason why we're so determined to join the CIIE family."

Contact:Ms. Cui Yan


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