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UCI Women’s WorldTour 2023 held on Chongming Island, where cycling begins

The Tour of Chongming Island

The final stage of The Tour of Chongming Island — UCI Women's WorldTour 2023, the City Circuit Race, was the last opportunity for riders to strive for an ideal ranking.

At 11:40am, the closing stage of the competition, the third stage or the Chongzhong stage and the City Circuit Race, officially began. During the race, the riders mostly marched in large groups, and with the remaining 28 kilometers, there were constantly exploratory breakthroughs.

Entering the last mile, all team sprinters were in place, and in the final sprint, the green jersey owner of the UAE Team ADQ, Consonni Chiara, performed even more outstandingly, sprinting at the top of the line and winning her championship through the finish line. Her personal total score also rose to first place, putting on a yellow leading jersey.

Hence, The Tour of Chongming Island this year has come to an end. Since 2003, cycling has become a brand name of Chongming, and the first cycling theme park in China is on the island, which is also regarded as a "cycling paradise" by riders, according to the Information Office of Shanghai Chongming District People's Government.

Mylene De Zoete, the first stage champion, noted, "As an ecological island, the natural environment and cycling really complement each other.

"To be frankly, I really enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way throughout the entire race."

The only women's multi-day tour in China as well as a qualifying event for the 2024 Paris Olympics, the Tour of Chongming Island this year gathered 18 top women's cycling teams from around the world.

Luo Wenhua, deputy director of the Shanghai Sports Bureau, said the Tour of Chongming Island is at the same level as the Tour de France, Tour de Italy and other such events.

In the three-day competition, the total mileage of all stages was 349.8 kilometers. The routes of the competition cover the major roads in Chongming and the Yangtze River Bridge. During the competition, contestants experienced the charm of Chongming as a world-class ecological island.

"In terms of route selection this year, it fully reflects the harmonious integration of natural ecology and urban development in Chongming District," said Sun Weimin, vice chairman and secretary general of the China Cycling Association.

The competition attracted a large spectators. Accompanied by his father, Li Xiwen met sprinters at the finish line every day in the three-day competition.The six-year-old showed great interest in exciting races and cycling sports.

Wang Weidong waited at the finish line for the most exciting moment together with his son on Saturday, "I watched the live broadcast at home on Thursday and Friday and arrived at the scene today."

"I've learned the level of the Chongming Island event is very high, as a point stop for the 2024 Paris Olympics," Wang said.

Chongming District Director Li Jun stated that cycling is an environmentally friendly, low-carbon, green and fashionable sports event that closely aligns with the natural environment of Chongming ecological island.

"From the men's road national championship to the women's road national, and then to the WorldTour, Chongming's level of hosting cycling events continued to improve and its influence continued to expand," said Li.

At present, a 413-kilometer bicycle greenway has been connected. Chenjia Town has been named as a sports characteristic town with the theme of cycling by the General Administration of Sport.

Source: Information Office of Shanghai Chongming District People's Government