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Ugreen Launches New HiTune X6 ANC Earbuds

Ugreen HiTune X6 ANC earbuds- With 6 Mics ENC for Clear Calls, 10mm Driver for Immersive Premium Deep Bass

Ugreen, a global leader in electronic accessories, is announcing the release of the HiTune X6 ANC earbuds. The X6 aims to bring high-quality listening to everyone.

HiTune Quality

Ugreen’s goal for HiTune earbuds is to provide a high-quality listening experience at a price that the average person can afford. The HiTune Acoustics Lab has been hard at work striving toward this goal.

The HiTune team’s unique SuperBass tuning system provides deep bass for popular music while maintaining the mids and high tones for other music genres and podcasts.

X6 Key Features

The X6s feature 10mm Diamond-Like Carbon drivers, which are harder and more durable than traditional metal drivers.

The X6 buds are the first pair of HiTune earbuds that feature hybrid noise cancellation. The Acoustics Lab team built the system from the ground up. The ANC in the X6 earbuds can reduce up to 35 dB of ambient sound.

Additionally, HiTune X6 earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.1. They have 7 hours of battery life and gaming mode which enables 50-millisecond low latency audio.

Price and Availability

The X6 earbuds are currently available in the US( ) with a recommended retail price of $49.99. It is also available in the UK and a number of other European countries on Amazon. Additionally, they are available on Ugreen’s website(

About Ugreen

Ugreen is an established name in the charging and audio video sectors and now the team is attempting to disrupt the earbuds market by providing quality listening at prices people can afford. By developing proprietary technology, Ugreen can offer consumers better value for their money.

Ugreen Limited

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SOURCE: Ugreen Limited