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ULUCU Leads the AI Wave of New Retail


In the post-epidemic era, the original demand and mode of the consumer market are rapidly changing. As a typical industry characterized by fast updating, the chain retail industry is in urgent need of acceleration and upgrading. Currently, traditional CCTV system is unable to meet management request in chain retail industry, which takes hardware as the core to improve monitoring performance. On the other hand, retailers mainly rely on multiple applications as management tools, which cannot be well unified in one platform.

Combining chain store management system with AI solutions based on video analysis, ULUCU could resolve the conflict among people, goods and chain stores perfectly, and save operation cost effectively as well as increase business income continuously.

As the pioneer for empowering retail business with AI solution, ULUCU won the “Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise Award” and the “Best Retail Omni-Channel Solution of the Year Award” in 2022.

ULUCU, a world-leading AI platform company based in Shanghai, China, specializes in the intelligent management of chain stores based on cloud video analysis. Founded in 2009, it has established the cutting-edge deep learning platform and algorithm center, independently launched several advanced artificial intelligence technologies such as face recognition, human detection, mouse detection, behavior analysis, object recognition, ReID, and so on, which have been successfully applied to different scenarios in various industries. At the same time, ULUCU platform as the core, integration of member management, POS system, ERP, CRM, etc., to provide complete solutions for chain stores. At the same time, ULUCU can support rapid customization development whenever there is a need for batch AI video or image recognition.

After 13 years of development, ULUCU has empowered more than 3000 enterprises and 1.6 million stores. The number of camera access on the cloud platform has reached 2 million and the annual volume of the VPAAS platform has reached 24 billion.

Nowadays, ULUCU has been in deep communication with partners in more than 20 countries and regions, working together to build a global market and drive the change of global retail. ULUCU believes that AI is the future, and they will use the power of science and technology to contribute to the transformation of business and promote artificial intelligence for the benefit of mankind.

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SOURCE Shanghai Ulucu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.