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Uni-President Tung-1 Minced Pork Instant Rice Noodles available in Don Quijote stores throughout Japan

TAINAN, Taiwan
Uni-President uses selects high-quality local rice and shallots from Taiwan to bring you the classic flavor that you can now also find in Japan.

This authentic Taiwanese delicacy makes you feel as if you have been transported to Taiwan as soon as you take the first bite.

Have you tried the trending Taiwanese cuisine that's been going viral on social media? Many influencers are raving about it, exclaiming how satisfying it is, with the perfect combination of refreshing broth and chewy rice noodles. The influencers have also been gushing about how it's guilt-free with only 251 calories per bowl, one of the main reasons it's been receiving so many positive reviews. The ultra-popular dish is the well-known instant noodle brand Tung-1 Minced Pork Flavor Instant Mixed Rice Noodles from Taiwanese food maker Uni-President, and it has recently become available in Don Quijote stores throughout Japan. The rice noodle from Taiwan may seem simple, but it is anything but. It's a product that has been well established in Taiwan where a pack is sold every three seconds. With its refreshing taste and low-calorie content, coupled with a chewy texture and cute retro packaging, you can now enjoy the taste of Taiwan without leaving Japan!

Chewy rice noodles, topped with rich and flavorful minced pork sauce, make you feel as if you have been transported to Taiwan.

Some people associate Taiwan with its delicious snacks such as braised pork rice and soup dumplings, but in fact rice noodles are more representative of the strong Taiwanese flavor and a shared memory among all Taiwanese. These seemingly simple delicacies have become very meaningful for every Taiwanese. Despite looking like a simple snack, the making of the rice noodles follows a very rigorous process! Tung-1 Minced Pork Instant Mixed Rice Noodles are made of carefully selected Taiwanese indica rice, which is ideal for making rice noodles due to its solid texture and rich aroma. The indica rice is made into a rice ball in a unique modern process based on the original craftsmanship, which is then extruded into filaments and drizzled with a special sauce. After entering the steaming phase, workers separate and dry the filaments by hand, and add the exclusive rich and flavored minced meat made by stir-frying with locally sourced shallots. It is undoubtedly a classic Taiwanese delicacy. With just one bite, you feel like you're in Taiwan in an instant, no wonder even the Taiwanese can't stop praising it. The delicacy has achieved a crazy sales record of selling one pack every three seconds!

Ultra-low-calorie products are becoming a new choice for staple foods, making it easier to enjoy authentic Taiwanese cuisine in Japan.

The product is sold in Don Quijote outlets throughout Japan.

Uni-President Tung-1 Instant Rice Noodles are quick and easy to prepare. They can be cooked in just one minute, and, due to the steaming process, one pack contains a mere 251 calories. Their refreshing flavor and speedy preparation make them a great option for a simple low-calorie meal on a hot summer day!

Uni-President Tung-1 Instant Rice Noodles are now available in Don Quixote outlets throughout Japan, with each pack priced at 194 yen (tax included). As soon as the product became available, it became a viral sensation on Japanese social media platforms and on Twitter, with many influencers raving about the rich and flavorful chewy texture of the noodles. Don't miss out on this authentic Taiwanese cuisine crafted by professionals, and experience the delicious feast that is a combination of chewy noodles and flavorful minced meat. Hurry up and bring home the refreshing low-calorie Tung-1 Instant Rice Noodles!

Some shops have already sold out.

Source: Uni-President Enterprises Corp