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Unilumin Light & Display Products Debut at InfoComm 2022

The Unilumin booth was very popular at the exhibition.

Unilumin participated in InfoComm 2022, an international professional audio-visual exhibition, and exhibited a series of innovative new LED display products and light & display solutions.

It is due to the existence of light that we can see everything. As a leader in the light and display industry, Unilumin adheres to scientific romanticism. In order to meet diversified and upgraded customer needs, Unilumin has developed deep insight into and rapid response to those needs, and is the first in the industry to propose the concept of Metasight. According to seven light & display scenarios, Unilumin has launched the integrated solutions of hardware + system + software + content + interactive light & display.

The exhibited light and display product matrix includes UpanelSII, URM III, USH and other professional products to be applied in mainstream fields such as xR virtual shooting, professional use, and commercial display. The display attracted a large number of visitors and also received wide attention from customers, industry peers and media.

At Unilumin’s booth, Johnson Ruan, as one of many clients said, that Unilumin’s xR virtual shooting solution will be an important edge for them to seize the blue ocean market of virtual shooting, “Unilumin LED display products and xR virtual shooting solutions are well-rounded, cutting-edge, and brought us a new kind of immersive and mind-blowing experience. Unilumin has truly achieved the excellent effect of what you see is what you get. I believe Unilumin will help us expand our business in the field of virtual shooting and create new growth for our business.”

In addition, Unilumin’s Red Dot Award winners, UpanelSII, USH for outdoor small-pitch shooting and Mini LED display star product, Umini, were also exhibited, and their excellent quality and visual effects were highly praised by the visitors.

Unilumin Light & Display, ushering in an infinite future.

Estella Yan

SOURCE Unilumin Group