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Unilumin Sports and Manchester City Football Club continues global partnership


-Champions Joined Hands Again

On September 20th, 2022, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Unilumin Sports and Manchester City Football Club was held at the Shenzhen headquarter of Unilumin Group. Based on 2021 global strategic cooperation, the two parties decided to continue the partnership.

Scott Munn, CEO of City Football Group China, and Lin Mingfeng, CEO and President of Unilumin Group, attended the ceremony as representatives of both sides and signed the cooperation agreement.

During five Premier League seasons, Manchester City Football Club has won championship fourth times. Mr. Lin firstly congratulated on the outstanding achievements. He said it was a hard-won title for Manchester City Club and all the players, coaches and staff have had made great efforts. The cooperation between two sides is actually the union between two champions, as Unilumin is also the champion of LED display in the manufacturing industry.

For the last year, Unilumin has provided the home stadium of the Manchester City Football Club—the Etihad Stadium with double-layer field-side LED displays and the matching control system.

Scott Munn, CEO of City Football Group China, congratulated the continuation of global partnership with Unilumin. He said:” The Opening and Closing ceremonies of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are phenomenal, and the LED display system provided by Unilumin is impressive. Benefited from innovation, technology and solutions provided by Unilumin, Manchester City Football Club has been committed to improving the infrastructure of stadium, which changed the display of competition content through LED technology. Manchester City is looking forward to more extensive cooperation and communication with Unilumin.”

Unilumin and Manchester City joined hands again this autumn, deepening the global cooperation between the two sides. In the future, LED display technology will provide an immersive visual experience for the audience not only inside but also out of stadiums. With constantly improving sports metasight solution, Unilumin will create new immersive scenes with glass-free 3D technology and xR for fans around the world, making sports an important link for the fans and spreading sportsmanship around the world.

Founded in 2004, Unilumin Group Co.,Ltd was listed on the ShenZhen Stock Exchange in 2011. Unilumin has established R&D centers in China, Japan and the United States, expanded its sales and service networks to more than 160 countries around the world.

SOURCE:Unilumin Group