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UPowr launches Helios to help companies decarbonise their customer base, increase LTV


Australian climate tech company UPowr today announced that they had launched their flagship climate software solution Helios in beta mode to select partners.

By 2030, the global clean energy market is projected to be worth over $1.97 trillion US Dollars. This represents a significant opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to generate value while innovating to solve one of the greatest problems of our time.

But getting into this market is complex. There are many problems a business needs to solve in order to connect customers to a clean energy asset, wrap it with a retail energy offer or financial product, and deliver it as a single proposition inside a seamless experience – all while keeping the cost to serve low.

Helios reduces all this complexity to a plug-and-play solution: offering companies the fastest route to market, with the best customer experience.

Compatible with most major CRM systems, Helios is a hyper-efficient end-to-end asset design, quoting and CX platform that automates a significant part of the consumer clean energy journey.

It enables any organisation to bundle climate friendly products or services with clean energy assets and take them to market at lightning speed, decarbonising their customer base while increasing lifetime value.

Powered by AI

Helios leverages AI to generate solar and battery system quotes in under 5 minutes.

Precision energy modelling.

Battery generation & consumption modelled in half hour intervals, enabling precision Time of Use and VPP savings calculations.

Instant BOM generation.

Automatically generates full Bill of Materials (BOM).

A streamlined customer experience.

Enable customers to browse products, add / remove assets, apply financing or government rebates & redeem warranties.

Transparency, predictive modelling & control.

Energy generation forecasting, energy cost savings forecasting & installation scheduling.

Scaled sales & support.

Platformed customer support via chat & video calling pre- & post-sale, reducing headcount requirements.

“Helios is our first major enterprise software launch. It’s a huge step for UPowr on the road to fulfilling our purpose: to help accelerate an electrified energy future,” says Dan Friedman, Co-Founder and CTO at UPowr.

To learn more about UPowr or register your company for the Helios beta, head to

About UPowr: UPowr is an Australian climate tech startup with a mission to help drive decarbonisation by accelerating the global transition to an electrified energy system.

UPowr software offers a plug-and-play suite of solutions to help large organisations spin up clean energy products and services in record time, at a fraction of the cost, enabling them to decarbonise their customer base while increasing lifetime value.


Source: UPowr