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Utimaco enters Australia market with high-security solutions for the payment industry

Utimaco has obtained approval by the Australian Payments Network (AusPayNet) for its Atalla AT1000 Payment Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Utimaco was recently named as the Overall Leader and Top Implementer by ABI Research in its Competitive Ranking of Hardware Security module Original Equipment Manufacturers. Utimaco offers a range of IT security solutions for the payment, telecommunications and automotive industries as well as the public sector

Utimaco, a leading global provider of IT security solutions, has obtained approval by the Australian Payments Network (AusPayNet) for its Atalla AT1000 Payment Hardware Security Module (HSM) which has been added to the IAC Approved Devices List. Atalla AT1000 enables inter-banking business and secures the payment ecosystem for payment service providers, acquirers, processors, and issuers with unmatched speed.

In addition to Utimaco’s Payment HSM product line, Australian customers can also benefit from a range of solutions and services to protect data and transactions at the highest security level, meeting industry-specific certification and compliance requirements that help them in their process of digital transformation. For example, Utimaco’s general purpose HSM provides an ideal solution for a wide range of use cases such as PKI, digital signing and generic symmetric or asymmetric cryptographic operations.

While security and compliance are primary concerns in the fast-changing digital world, organizations need to be equally flexible and able to adapt to new digital business models and increasingly integrate cloud-based models into their operations. Utimaco not only enables organizations to use data and processes in the cloud in a secure and compliant way, but also offers its own solutions both for on-premises and as a Service implementations depending on the customer’s needs and requirements.

Deval Sheth, Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Utimaco said, “With the approval from AusPayNet, we are extremely excited to present one of if not the world’s fastest HSM in the payment industry – Atalla AT1000 – to the Australian market and to introduce this and other solutions to customers and partners who are looking for alternative and innovative IT security solutions. With a 30-year plus track record in IT security, hundreds of organizations worldwide have been relying on Utimaco’s ability to create trust, and we are confident that our expertise and customer-orientation will meet the demand of the Australian market.”


UTIMACO is a global platform provider of trusted Cybersecurity and Compliance solutions and services with headquarters in Aachen (Germany) and Campbell, CA (USA). UTIMACO develops on-premises and cloud-based hardware security modules and key management solutions as well as compliance solutions for telecommunication providers in the field of regulation. UTIMACO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in both of these market segments.

470+ employees around the globe create innovative solutions and services to protect data, identities and communication networks with responsibility for global customers and citizens. Customers and partners in many different industries value the reliability and long-term investment security of UTIMACO’s high-security products and solutions.

Source: Utimaco