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ValueLabs was identified as a Contender in ISG’s Provider Lens(TM) evaluation for Managed Container Services & Solutions study for 2021, for the US and European markets


ISG has named ValueLabs a Product Challenger for its excellence in Managed Container Services. In its report, ISG cited ValueLabs’ product versatility, its extensive partnership network, and its highly skilled workforce.

Key highlights mentioned by ISG include:
1. Product versatility: Simplicity and innovation are the major differentiators of ValueLabs that have helped enterprises incorporate significant levels of automation while reducing the number of virtual machines (VM) and deployment time.
2. Extensive partnership network: ValueLabs has an extensive partnership network, comprising some of the world’s leading technology companies such as AWS, Episerver, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and WSO2.
3. Skilled workforce: Deploying microservices across cloud agnostic platforms using Kubernetes is a major trend across the U.S & Europe. As a result, ValueLabs focuses on enhancing the technical expertise of its development teams in containerized architecture to mitigate the shortfall of this skill set across its enterprise customers in the U.S & Europe regions.

Access the full report here:

The ISG Provider Len(TM) 2021 report is an independent service provider comparison report. Using data-driven research, they analyzed more than 55 leading next-generation container solution service providers, looking at their strategy and vision, innovation, market impact, geographical presence, technology advancements, and dynamics of service delivery. ValueLabs’ Managed Container Services stood out thanks to their ability to offer a robust container services portfolio, with readily available accelerators.

“From the beginning, we have put empathy and service into everything we do,” said Vijay Koppula, SVP Digital Consulting of ValueLabs. “We wanted to help our clients quickly and easily start their DevOps journey. Our Managed Container Services do that with a fully customizable, cloud-agnostic DevSecOps platform. This recognition is a true honor, as it shows how uniquely powerful it is to center the client’s needs in the heart of the development process.”

About ValueLabs

ValueLabs [] is a global technology company specializing in Software Product Engineering, Data Technology, Design, and Consulting, powered by our Digital Flywhee(TM). Over the last 25 years, the company has expanded to 28 locations, 6,500+ associates and 200+ clients worldwide. Their focus on employees and clients has resulted in industry-leading Net Promoter Scores (NPS) of over 74 and 88, respectively.

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Source: ValueLabs LLP