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Vantrue launched the first 4 Channel dash cam with a rear cabin camera


Vantrue( recently announced the release of their 4-channel dash cam Nexus 5, is the first on the market to feature a rear cabin camera. This is Vantrue's heavy-hitting product following the release of the market's first 3-channel dash came N4( ).

In recent years, there has been a growing focus on safe driving. With the approach of vacation season, the demand for self-driving tours has also increased significantly. For family trips, a camera that can record front and in-car scenes is undoubtedly the best choice. For rideshare drivers, a dash cam that can record full cabin is a necessity.

You may have doubts. Why do we need the fourth camera while 3-channel dash cam already available? Firstly, it can capture scenes in rear seats. When passenger accidentally leaves something behind, the driver can help locate the lost item more quickly with the rear cabin camera. When you have a baby in the back seat, you can monitor the baby at any time. If you have a bus or van, it can also provide more comprehensive interior recording including trunk area. Most importantly, with four cameras covering 360°around the vehicle, if an accident occurs, it can help you restore the entire incident from all angles.

The Vantrue N5 is equipped with Sony's latest generation STARVIS 2 sensor, providing better image, reproduction and night vision. In addition, the dash cam supports WiFi & voice control, providing a better WiFi connection experience. When you want to save a clip, you can just speak to dash cam with the exact command. The dash cam also has other professional features, such as buffered parking mode and customizing motion detection area setting, which can provide personalized monitoring of the core area. With its advanced 10-second pre-recording function, it can capture the entire incident to ensure no details are missed. It has Low-light night vision, with front and rear hidden infrared light design, ensuring the vehicle is monitored even in complete darkness, providing 24-hour protection for your vehicle.

Vantrue N5( is now offering a special pre-sale promotion. Purchasing this new 4-channel dash cam during presale will entitle you to free accessories worth $120. Visit Vantrue official website( to learn more information and place your order. Experience the latest dash cam now!

CONTACT: Wendy Meng,

Source: Vantrue Official