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VEOCEL(TM) brand joins environmental advocates to expand the definition of “care”


VEOCEL(TM) brand today announces the launch of “VEOCEL(TM) cares for the future” initiative, which will kickstart globally and regionally on June 5th, World Environment Day 2022. As the start of a dedicated consumer education and engagement program, the “cares for the future” campaign will feature a series of tailored activities in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Aimed at inspiring and engaging communities to care for the environment, the initiative will utilize social media channels and content to inspire, educate, and empower consumers to play a bigger role in caring for the planet and building a better future for the next generations.

“At VEOCEL(TM), our care transcends boundaries, from our children and families to the wider community, our environment and our planet,” said Monique Buch, Vice President of Global Nonwovens Business, Lenzing AG. “Our new global campaign is all about broadening what care means at each stage of one’s life – from couples to newlyweds and young parents. We hope that our collaboration with environmental advocates will empower consumers from different parts of the world to join us in caring for the environment and sharing their stories to inspire others. Every action counts towards building a better future.”

Show your care and protect nature

In Asia, well-known environmental activist and singer Chet Lam will kickstart the campaign with a specially curated “#IDo Pledge” which represents a life-long commitment to caring for nature and protecting the environment for future generations. This social media initiative will feature young influencers across Asia who are experiencing key milestones in their lives, from getting married to having children, across Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand, who want to empower their generation to care for the future.

The “VEOCEL(TM) cares for the future” initiative is conducted in collaboration with VEOCEL(TM)’s longtime partner, One Tree Planted, where social media users all over the world will be able to contribute to global reforestation efforts and enable positive change for the planet by commenting on the influencers’ posts.

“Caring for the environment also transcends to caring for future generations. Later this year, the ‘VEOCEL(TM) cares for the future’ campaign will be dedicated to the development of educational content and school programs around sustainable lifestyle knowledge targeted at children,” added Monique.

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Source: VEOCEL