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Victorage introduces gaming chairs in Japan


In February, Victorage will enter into Japan with their new released gaming chairs. This time, to show its sincerity to the fans in Japanese market, more than 80% styles are the first time to meet everyone. It has a shop on Amazon and the chairs will be available soon.

Although Victorage is a young gaming chair brand established in 2018, more than 20years experience of manufacturing car seat makes it a totally expert in chair industry. It took apart and investigated hundreds of different gaming chairs in the market, and found so much can be improved. That’s why it decided to develop a brand new gaming chair which will be perfect for gamers. It operates its own factory in Huaian, Jiangsu, including a robot-welding steel frame workshop ( ) and an integrated foam workshop, developing supplies of core parts in-house to control the quality of chairs, which means more robust R&D plus a higher level of in-house QC.

Victorage makes for a perfect combination of aesthetics, luxurious materials and absolute comfort. It is due in no small part to the industrially automated precision manufacturing, for example, the all steel frame, explosion-proof plate and serpentine spring design on the back which provide more safety and longer support. The impact resistance of full steel frame can reach 2.5T with excellent supporting performance, helping to make the Victorage gaming chair seated experience a joy.

In addition to the impressive aesthetics of Victorage gaming chair, they are characterised by their distinct shape and the use of breathable, deformation-resistant breathable sponge. This kind of sponge is foaming by the leading integrated technology, covering the frame inside. The sponge is with high density that helps the chair retain its shape over extended periods of time by effectively distributing the load while preventing users sinking too deeply into the upholstery.

“Dream, Sincerity, Craftsmanship” is the attitude that Victorage always pursues. Dream depicts its devotion and persistence, showing respect to all players as well as itself with perfect gaming chairs; Sincerity is the user-oriented principle, impressing customers with more comfortable and higher-quality gaming chairs; and Craftsmanship represents its continuous pursuit of excellence in the professional field.

Looking forward to the gaming chairs that Victorage brings and the wonderful performance of it in the Japanese market.

Victorage Inc.
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Phone: +86-17348275869

SOURCE: Victorage