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VisionNav debuts Autonomous Forklift at CeMAT Australia 2022

MELBOURNE, Australia

As a key part of its global tour, VisionNav debuts its iconic autonomous forklift for logistics automation and the Bright Eyes environment monitoring system with deep learning capabilities at CeMAT Australia 2022, which drew numerous attentions. “As the epidemic dissipates and the Australian manufacturing and logistics industry sees new growth, and a growing demand for intralogistics automation is obvious. VisionNav has customized autonomous forklift and solutions for Australian users that offer unique advantages in efficiency, stability and safety”, said Thomas Wilson, Head of Sales for VisionNav Australia, who has nearly 20 years’ experience in the automation sector.

VisionNav shared its latest flexible logistics solutions, showcasing how the deployment of autonomous forklift and systems can quickly automate internal logistics without modifying on-site facilities. Highlights on site:

1) VNP15 autonomous forklift. the VNP15 shuttles between racks, performs high level access and 2 level stacking operations with efficiency that rivals manual operations. ” VNP15 has a compact design, with a body width of less than 1m, algorithmically optimized fork adaption accuracy of 5mm and an internal turning radius of (less than or equal to) 0.1m, which enables the VNP15 to operate smoothly in limited storage space, thus effectively improving the storage capacity utilization”, Thomas said. 2) RCS (Robot Control System). VNP15 interacts with the customer’s WMS/MES/WCS system via RCS, which dispatches robots to complete transport operations, embedding logistics automation into the customer’s business processes. 3) Bright Eyes System. Through real-time monitoring of storage positions, goods and persons in the buffer zone, Bright eye can make the early warning of risk from a distance.

VisionNav solution has highly scenarios adaption. The forklifts are equipped with 4 modules of positioning, perception, control and safety, which can autonomously plan paths and identify racks, goods and obstacles in the environment, and are adapted with a variety of attachments, such as multi-pallet carriers, paper roll clamps, pipe rollers and other attachments, and through high-precision end control, to achieve full-scene automation of multiple materials from loading and unloading, transportation to high rack access. “Above all, we hope to get our clients a quick return on their investment through efficient and accurate operations.”

Founded in 2016, VisionNav now sets up a global service network in over 30 countries, with over 200 deployments and partnership with over 50 Fortune 500 companies across automotive, food, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, 3C and e-commerce lights.

Thomas Wilson
+61 0409 514 545

Source: VisionNav

Source: VisionNav