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VVDN Enters Into a Strategic Alliance With Blue Star For Co-Developing and Manufacturing New-Generation Controllers For Air Conditioners


VVDN Technologies, a premier
product engineering and manufacturing company, today announced its strategic
alliance with Blue Star, a leading air conditioning and refrigeration company in
India. With this alliance, VVDN will be co-developing and manufacturing new
generation controllers for residential and commercial AC segments.

VVDN, with its rich experience in the electronics space, specializes in PCB
layout and design, power controllers, adding wireless connectivity, and
optimizing the BOM and manufacturing solutions that go into air conditioners.
Recently, VVDN was awarded the white goods PLI by the Government of India, which
further underscores the company’s commitment to the HVAC sector.

C P Mukundan Menon, President and COO, Blue Star Limited said, “This alliance
reinforces Blue Star’s position as the industry leader in innovation and
excellence in the air conditioners space, by incorporating new-generation
technology into the design of Blue Star air conditioners. Blue Star’s focus has
always been towards introducing new-generation technology to cater to the
changing customer needs, which helps create value add for our customers for
their residential and commercial applications. We look forward to working with
VVDN Technologies as our technology and manufacturing partner.”

Vivek Bansal, President and Co-Founder, VVDN Technologies said, “We are very
excited about this alliance with Blue Star, which comes at a very crucial
junction when VVDN has received the approval under the PLI scheme for
whitegoods. With our experience, we will be able to take our relationship with
Blue Star to the next level by helping them with their next-generation designs
as well as by providing them with complete manufacturing support.”

About VVDN Technologies:

VVDN is a premier Product Engineering & Manufacturing company focused on
designing & manufacturing end-to-end products in the domains of 5G, Networking &
Wi-Fi, Vision, IoT, Cloud & Apps. VVDN’s India HQ is located at Global
Innovation Park, Manesar, Gurugram, India, and its North America HQ is located
in Fremont, CA, USA. VVDN serves global customers across several regions
including the US, Canada, Europe, India, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan. VVDN has 10
advanced Product Design and Engineering Centers in India, which are fully
equipped to design & test the complete hardware & software required to develop a
complete product or solution.

VVDN’s 5 world-class manufacturing facilities are located at Manesar, Gurgaon,
India which includes in-house best-in-class SMT Factory, Molding & Tooling
Factory, Product Assembly Factory, Die Casting Facility and Product
Certifications labs. VVDN’s Engineering & Manufacturing facilities are fully
complied to develop & manufacture Enterprise, Consumer, Industrial, and
Automotive-grade products.

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About Blue Star:

Blue Star is India’s leading air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, and MEP
(Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire-fighting) contracting company with
over 78 years of experience. The Company offers a plethora of cooling solutions,
and it has made significant inroads into water and air purification; engineering
facilities management; and commercial kitchen and healthcare refrigeration
including vaccine refrigeration. The Company’s integrated business model of a
Manufacturer; Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services provider;
and an After-sales service provider enables it to offer comprehensive solutions
for the Residential, Commercial, and Infrastructure segments.

Blue Star today has a network of 32 offices, 5 modern manufacturing facilities,
and around 2621 employees. It has 3700 channel partners with over 7000 stores
along with around 1154 service associates reaching out to customers in over 900
towns. The Company also has an expansive global footprint.

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Source: VVDN Technologies