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Web3 Metaverse, Carrieverse Unveils Gameplay Trailer

SEOUL, South Korea

– Open world Web3 Metaverse is unveiled for the first time
– Take a look at the Carrieverse content where anything is possible
On December 8th, Carrieverse Co., Ltd. releases the first gameplay of the Web3 Metaverse, “Carrieverse”.


With a K-pop themed BGM, the gameplay begins with the main character waking up in her own house, going out to meet friends to play games together, and ends with all of them having a party. Additional footage of them riding around the open world with various modes of transportation, as well as having a good time with their pets can be seen. Clips of the character posting on SNS and interacting with friends through various reactions are shown as well. The Carrieverse trailer, which consists of actual in-game play, is meant to emphasize and convey the feeling of “freedom and happiness of secondary characters that are different from reality”.

“Carrieverse” is a family-friendly metaverse for men and women of all ages, and will be available on both PC and mobile platforms for cross-play. By blending various contents such as educational content, VOD, SNS and various mini-games into one vast open world, it aims to be a place for people all over the globe to party together through one-build and multiple language support.

David Yoon, the CEO of Carrieverse Co., Ltd. stated that “In Carrieverse, users can create their own unique avatar and live the life of a ‘second character’ that is different from reality”. He also believes that through the ecosystem built with Polygon Studios, the economic value of users can be captured within the Web3 metaverse.

‘Carrieverse’ will be released globally in the 1st quarter of 2023. With the unveiling of the first gameplay, the company plans to continue to spread news about the game through various outlets such as partnerships with K-pop stars, as well as collaborations with local partners.


Source: CarrieVerse