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Wefi and Wireless Broadband Alliance Partner to Scale OpenRoaming Connectivity


–Wefi’s WeConnect and OpenRoaming deliver automatic, seamless, and secure
connectivity to power value-driven network experiences for network operators
and subscribers

Wefi, a market leader in Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile data collection, and big data analytics, today announced it has successfully launched Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) OpenRoaming(TM).

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This accomplishment increases Wefi’s coverage footprint and enables network operators to unlock additional roaming savings, monetization channels, and coverage. With Wefi’s WeConnect ( ) solution and OpenRoaming ( ), operators can enhance subscribers’ user experience by offering a secure frictionless connection at a fraction of the cost, without compromising service quality.

“We’re excited to expand our network with the WBA’s OpenRoaming program,” says Arie Shaham, General Manager of Wefi. “Our partners now can automatically connect their users to multiple global Wi-Fi networks in a secure and seamless manner, all while decreasing business costs.”

OpenRoaming was developed as a global standard to streamline user roaming access between cellular, guest Wi-Fi networks, and public Wi-Fi hotspots. Its user-centric approach removes traditional connectivity barriers faced when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. Users can connect to high-speed, secure, carrier-grade networks wherever they are, indoors and outdoors, without experiencing disruption to their wireless network connection. This eliminates the need for users to re-register or re-enter login credentials.

Wefi will be demonstrating the power of OpenRoaming at the WBA’s Wireless Global Congress EMEA ( ) conference held October 17-20 at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Event attendees and visitors can access free, seamless access to OpenRoaming Wi-Fi hotspots by downloading Wefi’s OpenRoaming Connect in the Apple App Store ( ) or Google Play Store ( ).

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About Wefi

Wefi is a market leader in Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile data collection, and big data analytics. Wefi’s patented WeConnect solution comprises a field-proven mobile application connection manager, a mobile data collection SDK, and a cloud-based big data analytics backend. Our unique solution helps MSOs control and enhance the online experience of their subscribers and supports the effort to introduce mobile virtual network operator (MVNO)-type services. We also help mobile network operators (MNOs) to ensure the best possible service quality and proactively address issues, and MVNOs in offloading data streams and saving operational cost. Our vast data repository and analytics tools help research companies in creating valuable insights from data coming straight from mobile devices.

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