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Wemade Holds the 1st Anniversary Event of MIR4 Global Service!

SEOUL, South Korea
Wemade Holds the 1st Anniversary Event of MIR4 Global Service!

– Starting today (23rd), “Divine Dragon’s Blessing”, hunting and attendance events will be held
– Expanding communication with users through MIR4 official community events
– Introducing new servers for only NFT characters to enter to provide a pleasant playing environment

Wemade’s masterpiece MMORPG MIR4 will hold events to celebrate the 1st anniversary of its global service.

The “Divine Dragon’s Blessing” event runs for one month starting today (23rd), and all users who have failed in combining items such as Dragon Materials, Spirit Stones, and Skill Tomes will be given an opportunity to try again.

Participants in the attendance event can receive up to two tickets. Users can choose one highest-grade item boxes from the items that they have failed in combining and try again.

A hunting event will be held for two weeks. Users can hunt monsters and collect exchange items “Cintamani Stones,” which can be exchanged for “Mir’s Gold Coffer” through NPCs located in each region.

When participants acquire “Mir’s Gold Coffer”, they will receive Epic Dragon Materials, Epic grade accessories, various Summon Tickets, and a challenge box, which contains Legendary Spirit Treasures and Magic Stones.

From September 6 (Tue), users who participate in the attendance event for two weeks will receive a “Rapid Growth Support Box” every day, which can be used to increase the level-up speed.

Many events will be available in the official community of MIR4. “Master of Customization” event allows participants to create any image they want using the in-game customization feature. A contest will be held for the top 4 images, but rewards will be given to all users who vote.

A surprise event will offer generous rewards according to the cumulative number of participations. Players must simply take a screenshot of the 1st Anniversary announcement that will be randomly displayed for 3 days.

MIR4 now has six new servers that only Character NFTs can enter. These new servers will create a more pleasant playing environment for users and increase the value of Character NFTs.