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Wemade Updates Dragon Artifact for MIR4

SEOUL, South Korea

– Dragon Artifacts consisting of 5 types of equipment released on September 6
– Converting HYDRA into Dragonsteel to craft Dragon Artifact
– Announced the upcoming ‘Domination Server’ designed for level 90 or higher fighters

Wemade’s masterpiece MMORPG MIR4 updated Dragon Artifact on September 6, a new equipment for increasing power score.

Dragon Artifact (, a new equipment infused with strong power of the dragon, consists of five items including Majestic Scepter (staff), Majestic Cape (cape), Majestic Crown (crown), Majestic Seal (royal seal), and Majestic Tome (book). All players can put on the equipment regardless of their class.

To craft a Dragon Artifact, Dragon Sphere, Dragonsteel, Darksteel, Dragon Material, and Eternal Material are required as common materials. The new material, Dragonsteel, can be utilized in various ways in the game, such as crafting and strengthening Dragon Artifact or using Special Enchant.

Special Enchant is a function that can further strengthen the existing equipment by using Dragonsteel. An enchant slot is added to Epic grade or higher equipment and improved abilities are gained with a certain probability.

A newly introduced system will allow HYDRA, the game token, to be converted into Dragonsteel. In addition, if Septaria is given to Arcadia Spirit Village NPC, users can obtain a Dragonsteel box.

Meanwhile, MIR4 announced its plan to update ‘Domination Server’ for powerful fighters over level 90 in each server.

Please visit the official website ( and community for more details of MIR4 Global.

Source: Wemade