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Wenzhou participates in Japan Tourism Showcase

OSAKA, Japan

– The cultural beauty of the poetic wonderland that is Wenzhou

The Japan Tourism Showcase, hosted by the Japan Tourism Showcase in Osaka & Kansai Executive Committee and co-organized by the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, was held at INTEX Osaka International Exhibition Center on March 24-26. Wenzhou’s tourism authorities participated in the exhibition with the theme “Wenzhou – Poetic Wonderland”.

The exhibits at the booth highlighted the many aspects that have made Wenzhou such an exciting tourism draw – the various sports venues where the Asian Games have been played, the multiple intangible cultural artifacts and traditions handed down through the generations, among a host of other attractions. An interactive experience area had been set for participants to experience Wenzhou intangible cultural heritage production skills such as Dongyuan wood movable type printing and Yueqing fine paper-carving technology. Participators enjoyed an immersive VR experience during which they experienced the natural scenery and cultural charm of the city.

The Japan Tourism Showcase is one of the most distinctive comprehensive cultural and tourism exhibitions in Japan, and an important commercial platform for Japan’s domestic tourism players.

The event is also the second large-scale tourism exhibition in Japan that Wenzhou has participated in following the Tourism EXPO Japan last year. The city plans to hold more cultural and tourism exchange activities in Tokyo and Kyoto, among other cities throughout Japan, to raise the visibility of Wenzhou as a holiday destination for Japanese travellers.

Source:Wenzhou Culture and Tourism Promotion Center in Japan