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Werkflo Releases the new FlowBiz(TM) suite


Chart. Allocate. Automate.

Werkflo is pleased to release the newly upgraded FlowBiz(TM) suite to customers.

FlowBiz(TM) is a cloud-based charting, integration and automation workflow solution that is unlike anything else on the market.

“Within our unified platform a user can ‘flowchart’ any or all of their business or compliance processes, allocate tasks as part of those workflows, integrate and automate process execution, and create procedure documentation with just a couple of clicks”, states Jose Aniceto, Chief Technology Officer.

Until now, to map and automate a process, a user has had to buy charting software, then purchase additional software or apps in order to automate low level tasks. This has left a user with potential technical, procedural or data integration issues. FlowBiz(TM) solves this by offering considerable workflow, reporting and cost benefits (starting from $5AUD per user per month).

FlowBiz(TM) is trusted by a multitude of customers across diverse industry sectors such as financial services, NDIS providers, Government agencies, fleet managers and more. The latest cloud release of FlowBiz(TM) sees its solution offer up to date modern UI and UX methodologies as a software-as-a-service subscription model.

Alongside the Popdocx ingestion solution, a user can take a compliance process, automate it and generate a complete compliance obligation (and all populated supporting documents) in seconds – all within one environment.

The FlowBiz(TM) suite is packed with features that customers won’t find within most enterprise level subscriptions.

Contact Werkflo for a demo or visit ( learn more.

For further information, please contact Aaron Cleavely-Millwood or call +61 2 9994 8062

Source: Werkflo

Source: Werkflo