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Wireless Innovation Forum Publishes Time Service Facility V1.1 with Platform Specific Models


— Specification and Supporting Documents Part of Mammoth Ten Document Standards Package

The Wireless Innovation Forum( ) (WInnForum) announces the approval of a new Time Service Facility V1.1 (WINNF-TS-3004) that includes both a platform independent model (PIM) and platform specific models (PSMs) for FPGA, SCA and C++ platforms. The full package of approved documents, created by work groups of the Forum’s Software Defined Systems (SDS) Committee, includes updated Facilities Mapping Rules (WINNF-TR-2008) and an updated Transceiver Facility Suite (WINNF-TS-0008).

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The Time Service Facility is an internationally supported Application Programming Interface (API) that harmonizes views across users of the legacy Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC) Timing Service API, improving previous specifications’ coverage and quality and extending functional coverage. It enables radio platforms to provide applications with knowledge of time and supports portability of such applications and a host of radio platforms through a generic specification of the time service capability with the associated API and their attributes.

“These releases set a milestone in WInnForum ability to specify state-of-the-art and added-value SDR standards, fostering portability or radio applications and hospitality of radio platforms,” said Eric Nicollet (Thales), co-chair of the SDS Committee and project lead. “Our facility standards address two essential radio assets, the transceiver and the time service, with exhaustive C++, SCA and FPGA coverage, and are based on a solid paradigm, documented in our facility principles and PSM mapping rules recommendations.”

These documents are part of the expanding suite of specifications developed by the WInnForum for international furtherance and harmonization of Software Defined Radio (SDR) standards. They can be downloaded at

Supported by platinum sponsor Thales( ), WInnForum has several working groups focusing on projects related to SCA, SDR, and Spectrum Innovation. Visit to learn more.

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