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With a View to Exploring the Global Market, ARROW Successfully held its Overseas Strategy Conference at Expo 2020 Dubai China Pavilion


ARROW’s Overseas Strategy Conference was held at Expo 2020 Dubai China Pavilion on March 13, 2022. A large number of distinguished guests attended this conference, including Mr. Guo Yinghui – curator of the China Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, Mr. Ouyang Ge – Director of ARROW’s Overseas Business Department, and ARROW’s overseas strategic customers. In addition, media friends from UAE and other parts of the world also gathered in the China Pavilion to witness this great event.

Chinese intelligent manufacturing industry is striding into the global market and showing the world excellent “made-in-China” products.

In the opening speech by Mr Guo Yinghui, curator of the Chinese Pavilion, he stated that the World Expo is an important platform to display the achievements of human civilization. By visiting the Chinese Pavilion at the World Expo, people throughout the world will experience the real charm of Chinese culture. In addition, Mr. Guo also hopes that ARROW can make full use of this great opportunity to let the world see the advanced technologies and outstanding products in intelligent home field and set a good example for excellent Chinese brands to “go global”.

ARROW released its overseas development strategies with the rolling out of “the Belt and Road Initiative”.

Mr. Ouyang Ge, Director of ARROW’s Overseas Business Department, expressed his strong confidence in ARROW’s overseas development. He said that advocated by China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” and encouraged by more and more Chinese brands “going global”, ARROW will strengthen its efforts in the intelligent home field and start its rapid expansion to overseas markets to steadily realize the globalization of ARROW and become the global top-class supplier for one-stop intelligent home solutions. It is reported that ARROW has set up its subsidiary in Indonesian. Through this press conference, ARROW will further its strategic brand globalization plan.

Representing Chinese intelligent manufacturing, ARROW is entering “the fast lane” of its development.

Guided by ARROW’s staff representatives, visitors started their immersive journey in the China Pavilion and experienced ARROW’s products exhibited in the Pavilion. After the journey, Mr. Zheng Pingfu, CEO of Global Trade Capital and also an overseas Chinese who has lived in the UAE for many years, expressed his pride in witnessing ARROW’s great success in entering the global market as a representative of Chinese intelligent manufacturing enterprises. He hopes that ARROW will continue to bring more excellent products and services to the Middle East and other parts of the world.

In the near future, with the vision of becoming the global top-class supplier for intelligent home solutions, ARROW will lead more intelligent manufacturing Chinese brands to strengthen their presence in the global arena.


Source: ARROW