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With Top-Notch Innovation and Technologies, Hisense Aims to Be Costumers’ Perfect Companion to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022(TM)

Hisense Laser TV

In the past decades, Hisense, a global home appliance and electronics manufacturer, has grown to be a leader in the world’s household appliances market. Powered by state-of-the-art innovation and technologies, Hisense has always strived to provide its customers with first-tier life enjoyment and a premium lifestyle.

This year, as the official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022(TM), Hisense has launched a series of customized products, preparing to provide the ultimate FIFA World Cup(TM) viewing experience and become customers’ perfect companion during the most-anticipated football event.

ULED TV and Laser TV Series: Delivering Stadium-Level Enjoyment

As the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022(TM) approaches, Hisense showcases its new TV lineup with the latest technologies, aiming to provide global customers with the front-row-seat viewing experience.

Hisense’s ULED TV U7 enables a perfect match-viewing experience by integrating AI Sports Mode, 120Hz Ultra Motion, and the most up-to-date picture technologies like Full Array Local Dimming and Quantum Dot Colour. Beyond streaming sporting events, ULED TV U7 is also the second-to-none choice for various life scenarios: the ambient light adaptive function enables it to be the perfect choice for creating a home theatre space; the Game Mode PRO feature certified by AMD Freesync Premium offers all the necessary support for gamers, presenting customers with the best gaming image quality and improved gaming immersion.

Additionally, Hisense L9H Laser TV, with its ability to support up to 4K Ultra HD resolution, can present matches in high definition and also in a riveting fashion, from the intricate footwork of the players to a face in the cheering crowd. Its game-changing Tri-Chroma laser technology can hit 107% of the BT. 2020 color space, allowing more vibrant and authentic picture performance.

Home Appliance Sector: Catering to the Customers’ Needs

Apart from its TV series, Hisense also achieved outstanding performance in the home appliance sector, ranging from refrigerators, smart air conditioners to washing machines. Employing smart technologies, Hisense home appliance is committed to elevating home experience.

Hisense Auto Dosing Washing Machine is both hassle-free and energy-efficient, with one fill of detergent for 16 times of laundry washing. Hisense Energy Pro Plus Air Conditioner, featuring AI Smart, realizes precise control of temperature, humidity, wind speed and wind direction. The award-winning PureFlat Series Refrigerator can provide better freezer experience during the heat of the matches with integrated Ice & Water dispenser. These products can serve as great complements to game-watching and premium lifestyles, reemphasizing Hisense’s dedication to being a consumer-centric brand.

From brown goods to white goods, the essential agenda of every Hisense’s product is to improve customers’ satisfaction and experience. In the future, Hisense will stay true to the original vision, and continuously launch products catering to the public’s interests and needs.

Source: Hisense