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Woolworths Group Partners with Gr4vy to Accelerate Payments Innovation within Its Wpay Payment Platform


— Gr4vy’s payment orchestration platform technology to power Wpay’s payments platform

Gr4vy( ), the leading cloud-native payments infrastructure company, today announced a multi-year partnership with Woolworths Group( ), Australia & New Zealand’s largest retailer. Gr4vy’s payment orchestration platform (POP) technology will power Woolworths Group’s Wpay payment platform( ) to accelerate the company’s product development and innovation agenda. This partnership will make it easy for Wpay to deploy and manage payment complexities and offer advanced payment optionality to Woolworths brands and other Wpay merchants in Australia.

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Woolworths Group represents one of the largest processors of card payments in Australia, settling an annual value of more than $60 billion in payments across more than 1.1 billion transactions in 2022 alone( ). Wpay, a new standalone payment business launched by Woolworths Group in June 2022, extends the benefits of the investments they’ve made in their payments platform to other merchants who may not have the scale to build it themselves.

“Merchants need payment platforms that deliver customers’ preferred payment methods at checkout while still retaining the ability to streamline, deploy and orchestrate all the back-office payment complexities that come with the retail checkout experience,” said John Lunn, Founder and CEO of Gr4vy. “We’re honored that Gr4vy’s no-code orchestration platform’s technology has been selected to power Wpay’s payments platform to accelerate their growth as an end-to-end payments solution provider to merchants in Australia and New Zealand. We look forward to our continued strong working relationship and future, ongoing collaborations with Wpay and Woolworths Group.”

Gr4vy’s team collaborated with Wpay to carefully identify and deliver specific Gr4vy product and payment orchestration infrastructure capabilities to implement and enhance the already comprehensive payment platform and product offerings. As a result, merchants onboarded through the Wpay platform can now offer even more exceptional payment optionality, streamline and manage transactions both on the front and back end of the checkout experience and effectively drive better customer payment experiences.

“Wpay is committed to investing in leading-edge payment capabilities and technologies to help service our retail businesses and provide the best possible customer experience as part of our Wpay payments platform,” said Paul Monnington, Managing Director of Wpay. “I’m excited about this partnership, what it will bring to our merchants’ customer payments experiences and look forward to collaborating in the future.”

Gr4vy’s no-code payment orchestration layer seamlessly enables merchants to deploy, manage, customize and optimize the right payment method for the specific user. The company offers merchants dedicated instances of Gr4vy in the Cloud, preventing shared infrastructure or server loads. Merchants can get multiple dedicated instances of Gr4vy to reduce points of failure. Gr4vy also includes everything merchants need for payment infrastructure, including connectors to leading payment service providers, front and backend payment orchestration, no-code admin tools, and a dashboard to control and manage everything within their payments stack. Gr4vy can spin up these individualized cloud Instances from the most simple to the most complex requirements. Merchants can deploy across the globe and even on the Edge to ensure their customers always have the payment solutions and options they need worldwide.

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About Gr4vy

Gr4vy( ) is a cloud-native payments company that takes the complexity out of merchants running payments infrastructure, freeing them to focus on what matters most. We redefine payments by providing an intuitive, cutting-edge payment orchestration platform (POP) that leverages the power of the Cloud to modernize payments infrastructure. Our orchestration layer upgrades merchants’ payments stack to make them more nimble. Our no-code dashboard centralizes the integration and management of a merchant’s payment methods, providers, conditions and transactions and empowers them to do more in less time. We enable merchants to streamline and manage payment methods, services and transactions all in one place. At Gr4vy, we’re passionate about payments, efficiency and extraordinary customer experience.

About Wpay

Wpay is a proven retail payments platform, designed for retailers. Originally developed for the Woolworths Group, Wpay is now available for merchants across Australia. Our understanding in how customers connect through payment experiences at scale and our focus on developing positive payment experiences help merchants to grow their business and move beyond payments. Wpay is a comprehensive merchant platform that can be tailored and will continually evolve to meet clients’ changing needs, helping deliver powerful customer experiences. A platform that combines your expertise and ours, with some of the most innovative thinking in the market.


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