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World Agricultural Center Opens in Harbin, China


-This is reported by GAIN.

The World Agricultural Center (the “WAC”), a new global hub for agricultural research, has opened its doors in Harbin, the capital city of China’s northeastern province Heilongjiang. The opening ceremony saw several prominent industry figures deliver keynote speeches stressing the important role the WAC will have in driving forward the development of the agricultural sector in China and beyond.

The WAC builds on the legacy of the International Agricultural Technology Innovation Center (IATIC), was built as a part of Heilongjiang’s effort to build itself into a thriving international hub for agricultural innovation. A new, striking landmark for the city of Harbin, the World Agricultural Center is the world’s tallest building dedicated to agricultural research. The WAC is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for a host of frontier agriculture research projects.

Global Headquarters of DBN officially settled in the “World Agricultural Center”, and introduced a number of international institutions such as the International Black Soil Research Institute of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the International Agricultural Economic Research Center, and the International Agricultural Think Tank, and will be built as the permanent site of the annual World Agricultural Economic Forum here. As a result, China’s agricultural field will work together to build the world’s agricultural science and technology innovation highland, and promote world agriculture to China, and Chinese agriculture to the world.

Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences and DBN recently held a global introduction conference for high-end agricultural talents. Liu Di, Dean of Heilongjiang Academy of Agriculture Science, and Zhang Lizhong, Vice Chairman of DBN Group, signed an agreement and jointly issued an announcement regarding the introduction of high-end agricultural talent in China, concentrating on corn, rice, soybeans, horticulture, and potatoes, as well as economic crops, edible fungi, and other planning.

The Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences provides job requirements and establishment, and DBN Group provides talent funds. About 80 international, professional, and high-level agricultural high-end scientific research talents are expected to be introduced to the world at five levels, aiming to benchmark domestically developed regions. Match the introduction of talents at different levels with the introduction treatment, and help the introduced talents obtain the corresponding talent support qualifications of the “60 Items of Longjiang Talent Revitalization in the New Era.”

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SOURCE:Global Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Platform(GAIN)

Source: Global Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Platform ( GAIN )