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World’s First NFT Cloning System Launches on

LONDON, Feb. 16

New website offers NFT owners the ability to keep the NFT artwork in their wallet even after they sell the asset.

A London-based software company has just launched which offers NFT owners the ability to “keep their NFT artwork forever” even after they have sold it.

It claims to be the world’s first NFT backup service which allows you to keep a copy of your NFT in your wallet even after selling the original.

The system works by creating an exact digital copy of the artwork but with another unique contract on the block chain, effectively making it an almost exact clone of the original NFT.

The digital art copy will lack the provenance of the original NFT but will look identical in appearance, and could even be sold as a copy.

The website says: “Many collectors get attached to their NFTs and want to continue to view the artwork in their wallet long after they have sold them. Sometimes collectors have to sell them to realise their assets, but for whatever reason they often want to keep a reminder of the NFT they once owned, and now they can.”

We are offering the ability to clone your NFT and keep an identical duplicate copy forever in your wallet.

Photo –

Ellis Cameron

Source: UK NFT Art