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Wuan Ankang Hospital’s Innovative Tumor Treatment Attracts Many Patients


In Handan City, Hebei Province, China, the Wu'an Ankang Hospital has 35-year of experience with tumor treatment. It has now become a second-class general hospital. The reason it attracts many patients from both China and abroad is that they practice holistic tumor healing, a brand new medical model.

Wu'an Ankang Hospital, founded in 1988, builds on traditional Chinese medicine, and through continuous reform and innovation, gradually establishes a set of new ways and methods of treating the disease to seek the root cause — emphasizing non-pharmacological treatment. The hospital's unique remedies "Ginseng No. 1" and "Weidaoling (Gastrointestinal Health)" are both medicine and food. Meanwhile, with the advantages of traditional particle therapy, quantum heat therapy, super-oxygenated blood purification to assist in the treatment of tumors, tumor whole-body holistic healing method, chronic disease and cancer prevention, and "Hou shi liuhe" Zen Therapy, etc., the cancer patients can be supplemented with phytonutrients and repair damaged cells, tissues, and organs, to increase cancer resistance. This treatment method is called "holistic green treatment".

Prof. Hou Zhihui, president of Wu'an Ankang Hospital and an expert in cancer treatment, said that the project "Research on Holistic Tumor Treatment and Clinical Application" conducted by the hospital has been listed as a key project of the "14th Five-Year Plan" of the Health and Wellness Commission of China.

SOURCE: Wu'an Ankang Hospital

Source: Wu'an Ankang Hospital