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XCMG Launches First Silk Road E-Commerce Station, XCMG-PNG, Offering One-Stop Equipment Purchases in South Pacific Regions

XCMG Launches First Silk Road E-Commerce Station, XCMG-PNG, Offering One-Stop Equipment Purchases in South Pacific Regions.

XCMG Papua New Guinea (XCMG-PNG), the first Silk Road E-Commerce Station by XCMG (SZ:000425), is officially online to provide one-stop service experience for construction machinery customers and users in the South Pacific and surrounding regions with Papua New Guinea as the center, guaranteeing smoother, more professional customized and localized services. Orders placed on XCMG-PNG can avail of direct customs declaration by XCMG.

XCMG released its Silk Road E-Commerce development strategy on December 27, 2021, which plans to open localized e-commerce websites in 10 countries in the next five years, including Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Russia, to meet the demands of local customers. The stations will fully utilize the overseas channel resources of XCMG to construct local station clusters with the cross-border e-commerce platforms as the core.

“We’ll actively promote the construction of cross-border supply chain platforms to establish a new foreign trade model that integrates a ‘cross-border e-commerce platform, foreign trade integrated service platform and public overseas warehouses,’ offering an all-process solution for both buyers and sellers to realize the localization of language, marketing, currency, logistics and services to be better in line with customers’ needs,” said Zhang Yanmei, General Manager of XCMG E-Commerce.

XCMG-PNG currently carries 7,121 units of equipment products online, including 18 first-level categories and 241 subdivided categories.

The Silk Road E-Commerce stations will further empower not only XCMG, but all Chinese brands to embrace the international market. As of now, the proprietary sales of XCMG E-Commerce are over 1.8 billion yuan (US$282 million), serving 18 level-1 industries and 1.5 million industry customers. The cross-border e-commerce platform covers 219 countries and regions in terms of inquiries, with products exported to 140 countries and regions.

“We’ve established two e-commerce clusters for domestic and overseas markets, forming a ‘4+11’ matrix which is composed of four integrated mechanical and electrical trade service platforms – Tlang, Machmall, XCMG secondhand e-commerce platform and Gongbing Cloud pare parts e-commerce platform, as well as 11 vertical e-commerce platforms for XCMG’s professional products,” said Zhang.

XCMG carries out 9710 and 9810 B2B export businesses on its cross-border, e-commerce platform, and has established six public overseas warehouses in India, Kenya, the Philippines, Turkey, U.S. and Russia to provide strong support for fragmented foreign trade orders.