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XCMG RP2405, the World’s Largest Cement-Stabilized Macadam Paver, Completes 20-Meter-Wide Spreading

XCMG RP2405, the World’s Largest Cement-Stabilized Macadam Paver, Completes 20-Meter-Wide Spreading.

RP2405, the world’s largest paver developed by XCMG (SHE:000425), has completed a one-time paving molding over the full width of 20 meters for a 1.5-kilometer-long road construction project of the G75 Guangyuan-Nanchong Highway, setting a new paving width world record for cement-stabilized macadam pavement.

With a peak performance of 1,800t/h and high-quality operation capacity, the XCMG RP2405 paver’s maximum paving width has reached 24 meters, the widest across the industry. The paver successfully completed the cement-stabilized macadam paving with a width of 20 meters and thickness of 32 centimeters. XCMG’s on-site service team monitored the data to ensure smooth operation of the equipment and that the flatness and compactness of the cement-stabilized macadam met with construction requirements.

Then, the RP2405 carried out the super-wide asphalt surface layer construction smoothly reaching a width of 19.5 meters and a thickness of 6 centimeters, thanks to its ultra-long track design, Series 5 electronic control system and the latest screed with a rigidity increase of 35 percent.

“The RP2405 paver delivered an excellent asphalt surface layer paving performance in terms of paving flatness, segregation control and pavement water permeability,” said Peng Guangqiang, Product Manager of XCMG.

Backed by innovative technologies and manufactured according to the highest quality standards, XCMG’s road machinery products have been receiving wider recognition in the international market over the years.

Its XS133E single drum vibratory roller, which has been quite popular in Southeast Asia, has an operating weight of 11 tons, with both the front drum and rear wheel propelled hydraulically, guaranteeing excellent performance, superior economic efficiency and outstanding reliability. It also offers different options to meet various construction needs, and highlights simple, comfortable operation as well as convenient maintenance.

The GR1905T grader that has been exported to Turkey features the world’s first single cylinder steering technology that realizes a small turning radius and extended service life. The split console, wide field of view and rear-view camera system also enhance the driving experience significantly.

Meanwhile, the XS265S high-performance road roller, exported to Australia, has no master clutch, which is essentially an upgrade from “manual” to “automatic” transmission, plus a super stable gear box and all-new Series 5 industrial design to deliver a better operating experience.


Source: XCMG