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Xeppo Liberates Australian Accounting Practices with Xero Practice Manager (and Workflowmax) Integration

ADELAIDE, Australia

Having revolutionised the way financial planning practices operate, Xeppo’s ( new Xero Practice Manager (XPM) announcement sings to the needs of accountants.

By connecting to Xeppo’s next-generation data platform, accounting practices can uncover time wastage, streamline efficiencies, and improve margin. The two-way sync functionality frees users from having to leave Xeppo to timesheet for billable tasks.

The new time-tracking capabilities allows accountants to capture time against clients, groups, activities, and projects (workflows) in Xeppo’s CRM. Rich with insights that are easy to interpret, this data informs a practice’s business decisions.

Running Xeppo ( with XPM, identifies where time is being spent and can be discovered in seconds.

“This integration helps accounting practices discern the time vs revenue equation, spot inefficiencies in workflows, rank fees, and command a bird’s eye view of time across multiple service lines,” Xeppo’s Managing Director, Paul Campbell said.

“Powerful, digestible data will become their competitive advantage. Having this calibre of reporting analytics from Power BI with ready-to-go templates at their fingertips, takes away the guesswork when making strategic moves.”

This latest integration targeted to accounting practices complements Xeppo’s unchanged mission: a ‘single source of truth’ platform that informs and track revenue growth through client data.

Beyond Xeppo’s key features, accounting practices will also enjoy the intuitive CRM solutions, smart processes, and document automation capabilities to really bolster efficiencies.

Xeppo’s process automation and ‘send it – sign it – store it’ document automation solution free’s up valuable time to super-charge efficiency and revolutionise both the financial planning and accounting industry.

Xeppo’s SharePoint integration leverage existing tools such as Microsoft Office 365, commonly used in a business’s tech stack to maximise value and reduce operational costs.

Xeppo, along with XPM delivers a window into all divisions in a practice, to help accountants engage and maintain consistent, valuable client relationships. Intelligent processes, better margin, and an unrivalled client service – this is a new era for accounting practices, made possible with this marriage of technology.

Integration with Xero Practice Manager and WorkflowMax is now available. Discover how your practice can benefit from this new integration, email or visit

About Xeppo

Xeppo is a next-gen data platform tool in the financial planning and accounting industry that connects practices with their client data to drive client relationships and business growth.


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