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Xianyang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Dedicates Ten Years to Build Up Modern New City Featured with Industry-City Integration


On July 30, the office building of the G8.5+ substrate glass production line project was topped out in Xianyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Shaanxi Province. Together with 14 buildings under construction at the same time, it shows a construction site in full swing with busy tower cranes.

Xianyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone was founded in 1992 and upgraded to a national-level high-tech zone in 2012. From 2012 to 2022, it has seen dramatic changes in urban appearance and rapid economic development, according to the Administration Committee of the Zone.

Over the decade, the industrial output value of the Zone increased from 8.12 billion yuan in 2012 to 80.7 billion yuan, up nearly 10 times; and its total volume of imports and exports increased from 190 million yuan in 2012 to 20.23 billion yuan in 2021, up nearly 100 times. In 2021, it ranked 84th among 169 national high-tech zones.

Over the decade, the Zone has focused on four leading industries – electronic display, high-end equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, and new composite materials. In terms of the electronic display industry, centering on the CEC 8.6-generation LCD panel production line project, it is home to 40 upstream and downstream enterprises such as TPV and Honing. It has built an industrial cluster with a scale reaching 100 billion yuan. For the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, it has attracted nearly 30 enterprises such as Letin Automobile, forming an industrial cluster with a scale of 50 billion yuan. As for the biomedicine industry, over 50 pharmaceutical companies including Buchang Pharmaceutical and Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical have settled in the Zone. The Zone is planning to build a bio-city, focusing on the R&D of biopharmaceuticals like stem cells and in vitro diagnostic reagents, which is expected to form an industrial cluster on a scale hitting 50 billion yuan. Regarding the new composite material industry that mainly provides supporting composite materials like seals used in aerospace, the Zone has attracted more than 80 enterprises including Tiancheng Aerospace, creating a 10-billion yuan industrial cluster.

Over the decade, the Zone has grown from a rural farmland to a new industrial city to live and work. As an important engine of economic growth, it has become the most promising industrial zone in northwest China.

Source: Administration Committee of Xianyang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone