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Xinhua Silk Road: 2023 Global AI Product and Application Expo held in E China’s Suzhou creates buzz on AI development

Photo shows that the 2023 Global AI Product and Application Expo kicked off on Sunday in Suzhou City, east China's Jiangsu Province.

The 2023 Global AI Product and Application Expo kicked off on Sunday in Suzhou City, east China's Jiangsu Province, with more than 200 scholars and entrepreneurs from home and abroad gathering together to follow the trendy topics and cutting-edge development in the AI industry.

The expo focused on AI-related fields including industrial vision, industrial software, intelligent networking, biological computing, computing network, meta-universe. The event launched a series of activities such as opening ceremony, main forum, thematic forum, product release platform and technology performance.

"For Suzhou, digital economy provides opportunities that must be seized, and industrial development is the most important foundation and the biggest advantage of Suzhou. Suzhou will, as always, provide the best services and the best conditions for AI talents and enterprises to develop in Suzhou and in its industrial park," said Zhang Qiao, deputy mayor of Suzhou.

Statistics showed that the output value of AI-related industries in the city amounted to 125 billion yuan in 2022, with an average annual growth of 22.7 percent in the past three years.

At the opening ceremony, China Economic Information Service Jiangsu Branch and Artificial Intelligence Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance jointly released the Annual Report on the Development of a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence (2022-2023), focusing on the development, trends and challenges of AI industry at home and abroad since 2022 and putting forward suggestions on the sustainable of AI development in China.

During the event, 20 major artificial intelligence projects with a total investment( ) of more than 1 billion yuan were contracted to settle in Suzhou Industrial Park, involving industrial software, high-precision sensors, robots and other fields, which will inject strong momentum into the park's AI industry innovation cluster.

Three core awards were also unveiled at the inauguration, namely "Top Ten Innovative Enterprises of the Year of Artificial Intelligence in China", "Top Ten Persons of the Year of Artificial Intelligence in China" and "Gold Prize for Products of Intellectual Expositions", to find and explore talents and value projects in the field of AI in China.

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