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Xinhua Silk Road: 800 Ankai natural gas buses exported to Mexico for operation

Photo taken on March 8 shows the departure ceremony for export of 800 Ankai natural gas buses to Mexico held in east China's Anhui Province.

Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd., a leading automaker in east China’s Anhui Province, held a ceremony on Tuesday to mark the export of 800 natural gas buses to Mexico.

The buses will be operated in Monterrey, the third-largest city of Mexico, which will be a witness to the deepening cooperation between China and Mexico as well as a milestone of Chinese buses to enter the global market.

Considering the market demand in Mexico, Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd. has made dozens of customized features to suit the special needs of bus operators in Monterrey. In addition, the buses are equipped with intelligent configurations such as on-board Wi-Fi and intelligent monitoring system.

To ensure the successful delivery of the export order, Ankai has made great efforts to guarantee the high-quality and efficient production of buses under the premise of stable COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control.

With the export of these 800 buses, Ankai is expected to become the Chinese bus brand with the largest number of vehicles in Mexico. Since entering the Mexican market in 2017, Ankai has won a good reputation in the country by adhering to its stable and reliable product operation and after-sales service guarantee.

As a professional manufacturer of buses and auto parts under Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd., Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd. has exported its products to nearly 100 countries and regions across the globe.

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SOURCE: Xinhua Silk Road