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Xinhua Silk Road: China’s Fuling shale gas output tops 53.2 bln cubic meters in past decade


China’s Fuling shale gas field, the country’s first commercially-developed shale gas field, produced a total of 53.2 billion cubic meters of shale gas over the past decade, setting a new production record among the shale gas fields in China, said China’s oil major Sinopec on Wednesday at its Fuling Shale Gas Field Social Responsibility Report press conference.

At the end of 2012, Sinopec’s Jiaoye 1 HF well in Fuling of southwest China’s Chongqing gained 203,000 cubic meters of shale gas output, marking the start of the commercial development of shale gas in China.

Over the past decade, Fuling shale gas field has reported nearly 900 billion cubic meters of proven shale gas reserves, and produced 53.2 billion cubic meters of shale gas, which was supplied to over 70 cities along the Yangtze River via Sichuan-to-East natural gas pipelines, safeguarding national energy security.

Based on the experiences in Fuling, Sinopec has been accelerating its shale gas exploration and development in Sichuan Basin in southwest China.

At present, it has developed four shale gas fields, namely Fuling, Weirong, Yongchuan, and Qijiang, with total proven shale gas reserves at 1.19 trillion cubic meters, said Sinopec chairman Ma Yongsheng at the press conference on Wednesday.

Sinopec will step up the construction of trillion-cubic-meter shale gas field in Fuling and 500-billion-cubic-meter gas fields in southern Sichuan, in an effort to contribute to the shale gas production base with annual capacity of more than 10 billion cubic meters in southwest China’s Sichuan and Chongqing, said Ma.

Source: Xinhua Silk Road